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Competition and bank efficiency in emerging markets: empirical evidence from Ghana
Journal article, Created By Alhassan, Abdul Latif and Published By Emerald in English language
The purpose of this paper is to examine the relationship between competition and efficiency in the Ghanaian banking industry. The results points to improvements in cost efficiency (CE) and competition within the banking industry. From the empirical estimations, the findings suggest that competition exerts a positive influence on CE. The authors also find evidence of convergence in both technical and CE.
Why Do Property-Liability Insurers Destroy Liquidity? Evidence from South Africa
Journal article, Created By Alhassan, Abdul Latif and Published By John Wiley & Sons Publishing Company in English language
This paper examines liquidity creation behaviour in the property-liability insurance market in South Africa. Using annual data on 76 insurers from 2007 to 2014, the paper employs the three-stage approach to estimate liquidity creation. The results suggest that property-liability insurers are characterised by liquidity destruction by transforming liquid assets in cash and investable securities into illiquid reserves liabilities. The findings also indicate that the R1.32 billion in liquid assets were transformed into illiquid reserves liabilities in 2014, an increase from the R700&#x...