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Conflict, Mediation, and the African State: How Foreign Support and Democracy Lead to Strong Political Order
Journal article, Created By Glawion, Tim and Published By Taylor & Francis in English language
Anarchy and war reigning throughout Africa threaten to bring about a “failed” continent. This article, on the contrary, argues that to understand the evolution of African state systems, political order should be defined as a conflict mediation institution and process. Through a quantitative analysis, this paper challenges Charles Tilly's notion that interstate war helps build states and challenges the idea that foreign support retards state building. Democracy, and a complex three-dimensional relationship between intrastate war, political order, and foreign support, on the ...
Ruptures revoked: why the Central African Republic's unprecedented crisis has not altered deep-seated patterns of governance
Journal article, Created By Glawion, Tim and Published By Cambridge University Press in English language
The Central African Republic experienced unprecedented violence between 2012 and 2014. We analyse three recent ruptures that developed as a result of this crisis, suggesting a break with the country's past. First, the Séléka rebellion that started in 2012; second, the establishment of a robust UN Peacekeeping mission in 2014; and finally, the democratic election of a civilian president in 2016. However, three deep-rooted patterns of governance have in each case transformed these ruptures. A history of outsourced politics, a plurality of violence and peripheral&#x...