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Gender and Peacekeeping Case Studies: the Democratic Republic of Congo and Sierra Leone
Book/Monograph, Created By Higate, Paul and Published By Institute for Security Studies (ISS) in English language
Gender relations in Peace Support Operations (PSOs) are increasingly under the spotlight within the context of reports of the sexual abuse of local women by peacekeepers across the range of missions, involving a diversity of national military representatives. This monograph, based on a small-scale exploratory and qualitative study of the PSOs in the Democratic Republic of Congo (MONUC) and Sierra Leone (UNAMSIL) in April and May 2003, aims to contribute towards this evidence base together with understandings of the exploitative aspects of gendered relations in&...
NAI Private Security.pdf.jpgPrivate security in Africa: from the global assemblage to the everyday
Book/Monograph, Created By Nordic Africa Institute; Utas, Mats; Higate, Paul; Higate, Paul and Published By The Nordic African Institute published in 2017 in English language