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Contract Farming in Mozambique: Implications for Gender Inequalities Within and Across Rural Households
Journal article, Created By Navarra, Cecilia and Published By John Wiley & Sons Publishing Company in English language
This paper analyses the implications of contract farming for gender inequalities in rural Mozambique. Contract farming is often considered one of the major tools of agribusiness development. It broadly includes those arrangements under which producers commit to providing cash crop to a buyer firm. This paper exploits a panel dataset (2002?2005) collected by the Mozambican Ministry of Agriculture among a nationally representative sample of rural households to explore contracts? implications for gender equality both across and within households. We look at both the particip...
Debt, aid and poverty in Mozambique : lessons learned from the Mozambican debt crisis
Report; report; text, Created By Nordic Africa Institute Created By Navarra, Cecilia; Udelsmann Rodrigues, Cristina and Published By Nordiska Afrikainstitutet, Research Unit; Nordiska Afrikainstitutet, Research Unit; Uppsala published in 2018
In opaque and unregulated financial markets, there can be strong incentives for banks to provide loans even when the appropriate guaranties or assessments are lacking. This is part of the Mozambican debt story, according to NAI researchers Navarra and Rodrigues. In this case, the consequences are most likely to be borne by Mozambican people, strongly affecting their living conditions.
NAI Debt aid and poverty.pdf.jpgDebt, aid and poverty in Mozambique: lessons learned from the Mozambican debt crisis
Book/Monograph, Created By Nordic Africa Institute; Navarra, Cecilia; Udelsmann Rodrigues, Cristina; Udelsmann Rodrigues, Cristina and Published By The Nordic Africa Institute published in 2018 in English language