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Research note: Exploring survey data for historical and anthropological research: Muslim-Christian relations in south-west Nigeria
Journal article, Created By Nolte, Insa and Published By Oxford University Press (OUP) in English language
This research note argues that quantitative survey data on Africa, welcomed by most researchers in public health, economics, and political science, can make an important contribution to the work of historians and anthropologists, especially if it is open to critical analysis. The research note describes the 2012?13 ?Knowing Each Other? survey on religion among the Yoruba of south-west Nigeria, which provides strong evidence for a slow shift from Islam to Christianity in the area since 1963, and reflects on the methods and challenges of carrying out the ...
The future of African Studies: What we can do to Keep Africa at the Heart of Our Research
Journal article, Created By Nolte, Insa and Published By Taylor & Francis Group in French language
Over the past two decades, Africa has returned to academic agendas outside of the continent. At the same time, the field of African Studies has come under increasing criticism for its marginalisation of African voices, interests, and agendas. This article explores how the complex transformations of the academy have contributed to a growing division of labour. Increasingly, African scholarship is associated with the production of empirical fact and socio-economic impact rather than theory, with ostensibly local rather than international publication, and with other forms&#x...