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Aquaculture development. 9. Development of aquatic genetic resources: A framework of essential criteria

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Abstract(English): Aquatic genetic resources play a crucial role in contributing to global food security and nutrition, as well as to sustainable livelihoods. However, in various international fora, FAO Members have highlighted the limitations and constraints that they face in assessing their national capacities to use, manage and conserve such resources as well as in identifying and monitoring the resources used. The main issues are limited information, inadequate national capacities and expertise, and inadequate legislation and policy frameworks. In recognition of these needs, this framework is a guideline that FAO and FAO Members can use to evaluate the capacities, infrastructures and governance tools of a country regarding the sustainable use of aquatic genetic resources. It will be of use to fish farmers, hatchery people, fisher folk, aquatic genetic resource managers, policy-makers, decision-makers, donors, consumers and academia.
Authors: Food and Agriculture Organization
Food and Agriculture Organization
Type: Book/Monograph
Language: French
Subject: genetic resources
genetic resources conservation
resource management
sustainable development
information dissemination
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