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Young female fighters in African wars : conflict and its consequences

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Abstract(English): In the numerous armed conflicts that are tearing the African continent apart, young women are participants and carry guns alongside their male comrades-in-arms. Challenging the stereotype of women in African wars as victims only, this issue of the Nordic Africa Institute Policy Dialogues shows how in modern African wars women have often been as active as men. Female fighters are victimized, yet they are not mere victims. Girls and young women who volunteer to fight often possess quite considerable strength and independence. Programmes for disarming, demobilizing, and reintegrating former fighters must be based on better understanding of the range of women's roles and experiences in war and post-war settings in order to act in a gender-sensitive way and to empower this group of women in the aftermath of war.
CONTENTS -- Women and war -- Female fighters : disarmament and demobilization -- Surviving peace
Authors: Nordic Africa Institute
Type: Report
Subject: Civil war
Armed forces
Women's participation
Gender roles
Government programmes
Social implications
Survival strategies
Post-conflict reconstruction
Social Sciences

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