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Models for life : advancing antiretroviral therapy in sub-Saharan Africa

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Abstract(English): Models for Life: Advancing antiretroviral therapy in sub-Saharan Africa is based on two conferences that were held in Copenhagen and Uppsala, in September 2004. The events brought together more than 70 key actors from Denmark, Sweden and Uganda in the field of HIV/AIDS and its treatment: antiretroviral therapy. The conferences were unique in that each panel and the subsequent discussion brought together researchers, donors and representatives from non-governmental organisations, in order to link theory, operations research and practice. The working paper covers a wide range of the issues that were brought up at the conferences, but focuses on the following three main topics: - Access to antiretroviral therapy - Holistic approaches to providing antiretroviral therapy, prevention and support - Antiretroviral therapy and public health services. Each section begins by introducing the core issues to be addressed. The different presentations are then put into perspective by summarising the main questions from the participants and the other panellists. In addition, the editors have further developed some of the key points made by drawing on current literature in the field. The final section concludes with a list of take-home messages for non-governmental organisations.
CONTENT -- Introduction -- Chapter 1. Access to antiretroviral therapy -- Chapter 2. Providing ARVs: Holistic approaches and scaling-up -- Chapter 3. ARVs and public health services -- Chapter 4. Lessons learned for the NGO community
Authors: Nordic Africa Institute
Type: Report
Subject: Hiv
medical care
access to health care
medicinal drugs
public health
aids prevention
nongovernmental organizations
Africa South of Sahara
Social Sciences

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