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Criticism and ideology

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Abstract(English): This book contains contributions from African writers who discuss current issues in African literature, such as the role of the writer in society, the writers commitment to society or to the craft, a new woman's voice in literature, and recent South African literature, superseding the protest tradition.
CONTENTS: Introduction / Kirsten Holst Petersen -- The Writer in Modern Africa / Per Wästberg -- Ethics, Ideology and the Critic / Wole Soyinka -- From the dicussion -- The Languages of Our Dreams or the Dreams of Our Languages / Kole Omotoso -- The Price of Idependence: The Writers' Agony / Eldred D. Jones -- From the dicussion -- The Growth of a Literary Tradition / Chris Wanyala -- From the dicussion -- Reverend Doctor John S. Mbiti is a Thief of Gods / Taban Io Liyong -- Writing Against Neo-colonialism / Ngugi wa Thiong'o -- Censoring the African Poem: Personal Reflections / Jack Mapanje -- The Socio-Pshychological Development of Africa / David G. Maillu -- The Role of the African Writer in National Liberation and Social Reconstructions / Emmanuel Ngara -- African Motherhood: Myth and Reality / Lauretta Ngcobo - From the discussion -- To Be an African Woman Writer: an Overview and a Detail / Ama Ata Aidoo -- Feminism with a small 'f! / Buchi Emecheta -- From the discussion -- To What Extent is the South African Writer's Problem Still Bleak and Immense? / Sipho Sepamla -- Power to the People: A Glory to Creativity / Wally Serote -- The Dominant Tone of Black South African Writing / Miriam Tlali -- From the discussion -- Beyong 'Protest': New Directions in South African Literature / Njabulo Ndebele -- From the discussion -- About the Contributors.
Authors: Nordic Africa Institute
Type: Conference proceedings (editor)
Subject: South Africa; Southern Africa; Literature; African literature; Authors; Ideologies; Conf
General Literature Studies

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