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China's new role in Africa

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Abstract(English): Although China denies that it harbors ambitions to become a superpower, its leadership has made clear its intention that the country be a major player in the global arena. Against this backdrop, Ian Taylor explores that nature and implications of China’s burgeoning role in Africa. Taylor argues that Beijing is using Africa not only as a source of needed raw materials and potential new markets, but also to bolster its own position on the international stage. After tracing the history of Sino-African relations, he addresses key current issues: What will be the long-term consequences, for example, of China’s successes in securing access to the continent’s oil? How will cheap Chinese imports affect Africa’s manufacturing base? What has been the impact of China’s arms sales in Africa? Based on extensive field research in both China and across Africa, China’s New Role in Africa is a major contribution to illuminating a little-known, but increasingly important, relationship. Ian Taylor...
Authors: Taylor, Ian
Type: Book/Monograph
Language: English
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