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Chinese and Japanese development co-operation: South-South, North-South, or what?

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Abstract(English): This article compares the evolution and characteristics of Chinese and Japanese aid, assessing the impact of their aid policies in sub-Saharan Africa from the 1950s to the present. It argues that China and Japan?s aid programmes share more similarities than dissimilarities. Both pursue aid strategies that spread allocations across a region rather than concentrating upon specific countries. The article seeks to clarify the following questions. In what way are Chinese and Japanese aid strategies different from each other and Western donors? Should their aid be seen|as a form of South South co-operation that provides an alternative to the West?s hegemony in Africa? Or is aid from these donors simply another strategy to control African resources and state elites in the guise of a partnership of equals?
Authors: Raposo, Pedro Amakasu
Type: Journal article
Language: English
Subject: JAPAN
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