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South African policy on migration and its alignment with the UNO Charter on Refugee and Asylum-seekers

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Abstract(English): There is an increase in the tide of refugees due mainly to wars and insurgent activities in their home countries. The need for international treaties and agreements such as the United Nations and African Union's convention on refugees and asylum seekers to ensure their protection in the host countries is vital. As a microcosm of globalized effort in this direction, South Africa has engaged with this problem and provides strong support for the work of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees. However, certain factors and events seem to point to the fact that the initial levels of support seem to have nosedived in the South African case as a host nation. This article investigates what needs to be done in advocating and lobbying for necessary actions that needs to take place at national and regional levels of South(ern) Africa so that the South African government may enact new or amend existing legislations and policies that promote and protect the rights of refugees and asylum...
Authors: Odunayo, Moyosore A.
Type: Journal article
Language: English
Subject: AFRICA
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