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Rethinking Publics and Participation in A Digital Era: a Case Study of HOLAA

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Abstract(English): The role of African men in African feminism is a precarious one. At the core are debates on whether African men can be feminist. Using my personal experiences as a starting point I navigate these debates. I delve into the politics of the term feminist and conclude, as Ratele and Botha (2013) did, that African men cannot be feminists but pro-feminists. The use of the identifier pro-feminist assists in not silencing African women's voices. The adaptation of the identifier does not mean African men have no role to play in African feminism; in these spaces African men, acting as collaborators, can apply African feminist methods in their work as it provides rich analysis on the postcolonial position of women in Africa. I use my experiences of doing a PhD on abortion (a highly stigmatised research area in Africa) to illustrate how African feminist methods can enrich our analysis when researching Africa. I propose that it is only through collaborations between African women and men that...
Authors: McLean, Nyx
Type: Journal article
Language: English
Subject: AFRICA
African feminism
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