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African Soldiers in the USSR: Oral Histories of ZAPU Intelligence Cadres' Soviet Training, 1964-1979
Journal article, Created By Alexander, Jocelyn and Published By Taylor & Francis Group in English language
A growing literature has shed new light on interactions between the Soviet Union and Africa, notably through studies of the large numbers of African students who arrived in Moscow from 1960. Scholars have, however, largely ignored the many thousands of African military trainees who arrived in the same period. Here we begin to explore soldiers' experiences through a focus on intelligence cadres of the Zimbabwe African People's Union (ZAPU). We ask how their Soviet sojourns shaped their lives and ZAPU's struggle, and consider the strengths and lim...
A tentative assessment of the Somali Harakat Al-Shabaab
Journal article, Created By Marchal, Roland and Published By Taylor & Francis in English language
Al-Shabaab appears today as an offspring of al-Qaidah: a Jihadist organization that is|articulating a project beyond Somalia to fight Western interests and set up Islamic States|in the region. Its growth has pushed Somalia again into the headlines to the extent that Western states and their allies in the region have been developing security policies to|contain and eradicate it. Those policies for the last three years seem to have been dysfunctional and have fostered rather than hindered the influence of this organization|within Somali society, contributing to it...
Afrique: La nouvelle donne télévisuelle
Journal article, Created By Silla, Mactar and Published By OAU/AU in French language
Until the last decade, Africa’s television landscape was essentially characterized by the predominance of state owned televisions. For the past ten years, this fascinating tool has experienced rapid development on the African continent, particularly with the emergence on the media landscape of private actors. Will this new deal change the situation radically? Does it mean increased professionalism? Does it coincide with an offer of more original and relevant content? Will it bring about positive effects on economic, cultural and social structures? Has it introduced r...
A geological synthesis of the Precambrian shield in Madagascar
Journal article, Created By Tucker, R.D. and Published By Elsevier in English language
Available U–Pb geochronology of the Precambrian shield of Madagascar is summarized and integrated into a synthesis of the region’s geological history. The shield is described in terms of six geodynamic domains, from northeast to southwest, the Bemarivo, Antongil–Masora, Antananarivo, Ikalamavony, Androyan–Anosyan, and Vohibory domains. Each domain is defined by distinctive suites of metaigneous rocks and metasedimentary groups, and a unique history of Archean (~2.5 Ga) and Proterozoic (~1.0 Ga, ~0.80 Ga, and ~0.55 Ga) reworking. Superimposed within and across these domains are ...
African solutions urgently sought for agricultural revolution: An unprecedented wave of mergers among world's top GMO producers worries regulators
Journal article, Created By Wetzels, Hans and Published By UN in English language
Ancient Roman Policy in Africa
Journal article, Created By Morewood-Dowsett, J. in English language
A Regional Framework For Rural Development in Zambia
Journal article, Created By Kay, George in English language
A note on the Development of Land Tenure in the Gold Coast
Journal article, Created By Loveridge, A.J. in English language
African and the Commonwealth-Uganda: the Newest "Independent"
Journal article, in English language
A voice with an elusive sound: aphasia, diglossia, and arabophone Algeria in Assia Djebar's The Nouba of the Women of Mount Chenoua
Journal article, Created By Bentahar, Ziad and Published By Taylor & Francis Group in English language
The recent passing of Assia Djebar (1936-2015) raises interest in the legacy of her work. It is well documented that the renowned Algerian author attempted to write in Arabic in the 1970s, but never did. Instead, she made two films in Arabic before returning to writing in French. Film, in fact, is the only medium in which she used Arabic. Why was Arabic for Djebar a language suitable for filmmaking but not for writing novels or short stories? To which extent does it reveal limitations for Arabic as a language of cultural expres...