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Bureaucratic Literacy, Oral Testimonies, and the Study of Twentieth-Century Ethiopian History
Journal article, Created By Carmichael, Tim and Published By Taylor & Francis Group in English language
Despite Ethiopia's reputation for an ancient tradition of literacy, until relatively recently the ability to read and write was confined to a small percentage of the population. The country's most notable increase in literacy began in the early- to mid-twentieth century, paralleling the development of the ‘modern’ Ethiopian state. Within it, administrators stationed throughout the provinces came more and more to communicate with each other and to inscribe certain events in writing, but orality retained its importance as a significant feature of the country's&#...
Border diplomacy and state-building in north-western Ethiopia, c. 1965?1977
Journal article, Created By Puddu, Luca and Published By Taylor & Francis Group in English language
In the first half of the twentieth century, the north-western lowlands of imperial Ethiopia were the typical interstitial frontier of the Ethiopian-Sudanese borderlands. Starting in the early 1960s, a cash crop revolution paved the way to the transformation of the Mazega into a settlement frontier and the emergence of a dispute with Sudan for demarcation of the international border. This article explores the entanglement between the political economy of frontier governance and border diplomacy in the contested area. It highlights how the management of the border...
Between Heaven and Earth: A Journey through Christian Ethiopia
Book/Monograph, Created By Danziger, Nick and Published By British Council in English language
Benefits and Costs of Compliance of Sanitary Regulations in Livestock Markets: The Case of Rift Valley Fever in the Somalia Region of Ethiopia
Book/Monograph, Created By International Livestock Research Institute(ILRI) and Published By International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) in English language
Competing orders and conflicts at the margins of the State
Journal article, Created By Asebe Regessa Debelo and Published By ACCORD in English language
n this paper, the interplay between various competing orders among three ethnic groups on the margins of the Ethiopian state that have overlapping presence along the Ethiopia-Kenya border is analysed.|The paper probes into complex and intertwined causes of inter-group conflicts by going beyond the commonly asserted resource scarcity and ethnicity assumptions, arguing that any attempt to establish sustainable peace becomes futile without assessing inter-group conflict within a context including historical, environmental, political, economic, cultural and institutional dimensions. The paper al...
Constitutional Development in Ethiopia
Journal article, Created By Bercket Habte Selassie and Published By Cambridge University Press in English language
The origin and character of Ethiopian central institutions can be understood by reference to at least four main factors: the religious history of the country; its geography; its internal wars; and the advent of Islam, which cut it off from the World outside for several centuries, and affected the course of its history.
Cross-Boarder Trade and Food Security in the Ethiopia-Djibouti and Ethiopia-Somalia Borderlands
Book/Monograph, Created By Tegegne Teka and Published By OSSREA in English language
COMMENT: Brief Comment on the Draft Land Administration, Use, Registration and Plan Proclamation, 2007 (EC)
Journal article, Created By D. Behailu and Published By St Mary's University College in English language
Comment: Some thoughts on the organization of legal Practice in Ethiopia
Journal article, Created By Tameru Wondim Agegnehu and Published By St Mary's University College in English language
The art of arguing cases evolved in Ethiopia as elsewhere as a personal skill and to this day, legal service in Ethiopia is a sole practice that has not been able to organize itself into a law firm. Lawyers have not been able to take advantage of partnership models under the Ethiopian Commercial Code of 1960 as in other countries, either because of concocted legal mysticism or because of the laxity of legal service in the country that did not call for robust or specialized and organized law firms. The history of law ...
Conceptualizing the middle class in a developmental state: Narratives and expectations in Ethiopia
Journal article, Created By Bach, Jean-Nicolas and Published By Oxford University Press in English language
The category 'middle class' was used increasingly throughout the 2010s to identify social changes occurring in African countries, including Ethiopia. However, the category itself is hard to define and has been employed to describe very diverse socio-economic dynamics. This article offers an original way of considering the 'middle class', focusing on what the category is expected to produce for the different actors utilizing it. We argue that the debate on 'middle class' social composition cannot be undertaken before deconstructing and discussing why, ho...