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Bond Notes, Borrowing, and Heading for Bust: Zimbabwe's Persistent Crisis
Journal article, Created By Southall, Roger Jonathan and Published By Taylor & Francis Group in English; French language
En fin 2016, pour faire face à la pénurie aiguë de devises qui a un impact négatif sur l'économie, la Banque centrale du Zimbabwe a mis en circulation des « billets d'obligation » en tant que monnaie de substitution, dont la valeur est équivalente à celle du dollar américain. Sans surprise, ces billets ont été massivement rejetés par les Zimbabwéens qui y voyaient les signes d'un retour à l'hyperinflation qui avait détruit les revenus et l'épargne en 2008-2009. En conséquence, confronté à un déficit budgétaire croissant, le gouverne...
Business as Usual? Politics, Hegemony, and Elite Maneuverings in Zimbabwe since the Signing of the Global Political Agreement - Review Essay
Journal article, Created By Law, Kate and Published By African Studies Centre, Boston University in English language
Beyond the Malachite Hills: A Life of Colonial Service and Business in the New Africa
Book/Monograph, Created By Lawley, Jonathan and Published By I.B. Tauris and Co. Ltd. in English language
Constructions of Zimbabwe
Journal article, Created By Ranger, Terence and Published By Taylor & Francis in English language
Cross-Border Mobility, Violence and Spiritual Healing in Beitbridge District, Zimbabwe
Journal article, Created By Musoni, Francis and Published By Taylor & Francis Group in English language
This article examines the significance and contestations surrounding some small huts, which are found at the margins of many homesteads in Beitbridge district on the Zimbabwean border with South Africa. Locally referred to as zvimba zvemipfuko, the huts are part of a socio-cultural phenomenon called chimwanakadzi, which also involves the pledging of young girls to appease avenging spirits of migrants killed in Beitbridge as they travelled between Zimbabwe and South Africa. The study argues that chimwanakadzi is intended not only to treat people haunted by avengi...
Competitive Labour: Divisions between Zambian and Zimbabwean Workers
Journal article, and Published By Taylor & Francis Group in English language
By the late nineteenth century, Victoria Falls was a popular travel destination for Europeans, South Africans, and Americans who hoped to find adventure amidst what they deemed a wild physical and cultural landscape. Although a tourism industry was first established on the northern side of the Zambezi (Zambia), the southern side of the Falls (Zimbabwe) quickly joined in commercial development. Victoria Falls is now one of the most visited sites in Africa, and labour patterns around this site continue to be strongly influenced by developments in the tou...
Children in Zimbabwe after the long crisis: Situation analysis and policy issues
Journal article, Created By Munro, Lauchlan T. and Published By Taylor & Francis Group in English language
Children in Zimbabwe suffered badly during the long crisis from circa 1990 to 2008 as the economy and social services collapsed, under-five mortality, maternal mortality and malnutrition rose, the number of orphans increased 20-fold and thousands of children experienced psychosocial trauma. Recent household surveys in Zimbabwe show that most indicators of child welfare remain at or below where they were 25 years ago. Many effects of the crisis on children are long term, even permanent, including prenatal and early childhood malnutrition, orphanhood, traumas from witn...
Agonistic Dysfunction on Facebook in Zimbabwe: A Discourse Ethics Perspective
Journal article, Created By Santos, Phillip and Published By Taylor and Francis in English language
The problem of communication as a function of democracy has occupied research in the social sciences for several decades now. It has been particularly central to Habermas's conceptualisation of the public sphere, deliberative democracy and discourse ethics, criticisms laid against his emphasis on rational argumentation notwithstanding. Although it is widely accepted that communication is a key element to citizen participation in public processes and the negotiation of social conflict, there have also been misgivings about the efficacy of offline mainstream media in undergi...
Broiler production in an urban and peri-urban area of Zimbabwe
Journal article, Created By Gororo, Eddington and Published By Taylor & Francis Group in English language
Broiler chicken production is an important livelihood option for urban households in Zimbabwe. A study was carried out to document the technical, demographic and socio-economic parameters characterising the production of broilers in an urban area of Zimbabwe. Findings showed that producers have quite diverse livelihoods and broiler production is not restricted to a survival strategy for the urban poor with no livelihood alternatives, but mostly involved the more privileged. Access to start-up capital and property ownership were pre-requisites for the business. Broiler units&#x...
Becoming Zimbabwe
Book/Monograph, and Published By Weaver press in English language