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Climate change vulnerability assessment of forests and forest-dependent people

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FAO forestry paper

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Abstract(English): This publication provides practical guidance for carrying out forest vulnerability assessments in the context of climate change. It describes the elements to be considered for different time horizons and outlines a structured approach for conducting assessments. The framework will guide practitioners in carrying out a step-by-step analysis and will facilitate the choice and use of appropriate tools and methods. Negative impacts of climate change on forests threaten the delivery of crucial wood and non-wood goods and environmental services on which an estimated 1.6 billion people fully or partly depend. Assessment of the vulnerability of forests and forest-dependent people to climate change is a necessary first step for identifying the risks and the most vulnerable areas and people, as well as for developing measures for adaptation and tailoring them to specific contexts. The framework covers a series of steps, from helping practitioners define clear objectives in light of the main forest functions and populations concerned to providing guidance on describing the situation and state of forests and trees, including legal status, institutions and governance. Moreover, it suggests how to communicate the assessment results and plan subsequent steps to identify and promote adaptation options.
Type: Book/Monograph
Language: English
Subject: forests
climate change
impact assessment
climate change adaptation
climate change mitigation
community forestry
forest monitoring and assessment
sustainable forest management
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