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Guidelines for personal protection when handling and applying pesticides

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Abstract(English): This manual seeks to reduce exposure to pesticides thanks to effective personal protection, with special attention to the use of Personal Protective Equipment. In addition to providing technical information on personal protection and on the selection and use of relevant equipment, it addresses underlying policy issues. Typically, over 40 percent of the population in low and middle-income countries works in agriculture. Poverty, limited education and literacy, distances, poor access to medical assistance and ineffective extension systems are among the factors that affect the feasibility of reaching all farmers with the training they need. Furthermore, these countries tend to have lower institutional capacity to enforce pesticide legislation, including compliance with safety instructions on labels, such as the wearing of Personal Protective Equipment. These guidelines are primarily aimed towards government authorities in charge of pesticide management and risk reduction, but will also be useful for a range of public and private actors, including the pesticide industry and non-governmental organizations.
Type: Book/Monograph
Language: English
Subject: pesticides
health hazards
health protection
risk reduction
pesticide legislation
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