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Young People and Land in Zimbabwe: Livelihood Challenges after Land Reform
Journal article, and Published By Taylor & Francis Group in English language
Cet article explore les défis de subsistance et les opportunités des jeunes après la réforme agraire de l'an 2000 au Zimbabwe. Il examine les cycles de vie d'une cohorte d'hommes et de femmes, tous enfants de pionniers de la réforme agraire, dans deux différents sites issus de la réforme agraire abritant de petits propriétaires agricoles. D'importants défis à la reproduction sociale sont surlignés, reflétés par une 'situation d'attente' prolongée, tandis que certaines opportunités d'accumulation sont observées, notamment au sein de l'agriculture ...
Women's Empowerment and Child Malnutrition: The Case of Mozambique
Journal article, Created By Deutsch, Joseph and Published By John Wiley & Sons Publishing Company in English language
Using data from the 2011 Demographic and Health Survey in Mozambique this paper checks whether women empowerment has an impact on the nutritional status of children. We evaluate the degree of empowerment of women via multidimensional approaches, making a distinction between five domains: decision making, use of violence by husband/partner, attitude of the woman towards this use of violence, available information, material resources. Each domain includes several questions reflecting different aspects of empowerment. For each domain of empowerment, three different methods of...
Why Do Property-Liability Insurers Destroy Liquidity? Evidence from South Africa
Journal article, Created By Alhassan, Abdul Latif and Published By John Wiley & Sons Publishing Company in English language
This paper examines liquidity creation behaviour in the property-liability insurance market in South Africa. Using annual data on 76 insurers from 2007 to 2014, the paper employs the three-stage approach to estimate liquidity creation. The results suggest that property-liability insurers are characterised by liquidity destruction by transforming liquid assets in cash and investable securities into illiquid reserves liabilities. The findings also indicate that the R1.32 billion in liquid assets were transformed into illiquid reserves liabilities in 2014, an increase from the R700&#x...
When a Political Party Turns against Its Cadres: ZANU PF Factional Infightings 2004-2017
Journal article, Created By Hove, Mediel and Published By Taylor & Francis Group in English language
This article examines how the Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front party turned against its cadres between 2004 and 2017. It argues that the infightings were caused by Mugabe, who pitted one faction against the other as the Zimbabwe African National Union (ZANU) PF cashiered its cadres to safeguard Mugabe. It was the same militarized factionalism that catapulted Mugabe to the helm of the national liberation movement in 1977, spearheaded his removal in 2017, and propelled Mnangagwa to become President. However, Mnangagwa - who replaced Mugabe, the...
Twenty Years of Revolutionary Democratic Ethiopia, 1991 to 2011
Journal article, Created By Hagmann, Tobias and Published By Taylor & Francis Group in English language
This paper introduces a special issue of the Journal of Eastern African Studies devoted to a review of Ethiopia's 20 years of "revolutionary democracy". The collection brings together 11 articles exploring differing aspects of Ethiopia's political experience since 1991. This introduction begins with a short summary of these 11 papers, but then moves to a substantive review of Ethiopia's political history over the past two decades, featuring consideration of the extent of transformation and continuity under the ruling Ethiopian Peoples' Revolutionary Democr...
Trapped on the Island: The Politics of Race and Belonging in Jazirat al-Maghrib
Journal article, Created By Alexander, Isabella and Published By Taylor & Francis Group in English language
Drawing on ethnographic engagement with Moroccans and sub-Saharan Africans from varying socioeconomic positions this article interrogates how notions of race and belonging - or blackness and nationhood - are changing as Morocco transitions into a new destination country for migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers. Examining Jazirat al-Maghrib as an historic and contemporary crossroads striving to maintain control over its physical and symbolic borders, the trope of island-ness emerges. Rising violence against Morocco's expanding sub-Saharan population is examined through collected narrati...
Toward a Structural Theory of War in Africa
Journal article, Created By Hentz, James J. and Published By Taylor & Francis Group in English language
This essay offers the outlines of a systemic explanation of war in Africa, treating the African state system as the underlying cause of conflict. The essay lays out the logic of structural theory and how it applies to Africa, focusing on the constituent parts of the African state system. Specific attention is paid to three unique aspects of the African state system: juridical statehood, neopatrimonial politics, and strained center-periphery relations. These elements combine to create conflict zones that are characterized by wars across states. This essay pr...
The Negotiability of State Legal and Bureaucratic Authority During Land Occupations in Zimbabwe
Journal article, and Published By Taylor & Francis Group in English language
L'article explique comment l'autorité légale et bureaucratique de l'État sur l'accès aux terres a été renégociée et parfois défaite pendant les occupations de terres dans le district de Mazowe, au Zimbabwe, de 2001 à 2002. Il explique les logiques et les stratégies mobilisées par les occupants des terres pour utiliser les procédures légales et bureaucratiques, de manières contradictoires, à mesure qu'ils formulaient, protégeaient et validaient leurs revendications à la terre et aux ressources associées. L'article explique également le rôle ambigu des institu...
The Late Iron Age Type N stonewalled Structures on the Highveld of South Africa
Journal article, Created By Sadr, Karim and Published By Taylor & Francis in English language
L'architecture en pierre fit son apparition sur le highveld sud-africain il y a cinq ou six siècles entre Johannesburg et la rivière Vaal. Le type des structures les plus anciennes a été nommé Type N. Cet article décrit les structures de Type N et les données archéologiques pertinentes, puis présente leur distribution telle qu'elle a été observée au travers d'un relevé par télédétection d'une zone d'étude de 9000 km2 située dans le nord du highveld entre Johannesburg et la rivière Vaal. Une fois ces données combinées aux études ...
The Humanitarian Theatre: Drought Response during Ethiopia's Low-intensity Conflict of 2016
Journal article, Created By Desportes, Isabelle and Published By Cambridge University Press in English language
This article aims to rekindle the debate on the politics of aid in the increasingly common - yet still under-studied - authoritarian and low-intensity conflict settings, detailing the case of Ethiopia in 2016, when a 50-year drought coincided with a wave of protests and a state of emergency. During four months of qualitative fieldwork in 2017, state, civil society, Ethiopian and international actors were approached - from humanitarian headquarters to communities in the Amhara, Oromiya and Somali regions. Research participants relayed stark discrepancies between the&#...
The Gendered Experiences of Children in Child-headed Households in Swaziland
Journal article, Created By Mkhatshwa, Nozipho and Published By Taylor & Francis Group in English language
This study investigated the gender dynamics of living in child-headed households (CHHs) in a rural area in Swaziland that experiences high levels of drought, poverty and HIV and AIDS. Using a qualitative research methodology, the study examined ways in which children in CHHs meet their daily family needs and address their vulnerabilities according to their gender, focusing on the experiences of the children. The study sample consisted of 10 households, with 5 boy and 5 girl-headed households from the chiefdoms within the area. A semi-structured interview gu...
The future of African Studies: What we can do to Keep Africa at the Heart of Our Research
Journal article, Created By Nolte, Insa and Published By Taylor & Francis Group in French language
Over the past two decades, Africa has returned to academic agendas outside of the continent. At the same time, the field of African Studies has come under increasing criticism for its marginalisation of African voices, interests, and agendas. This article explores how the complex transformations of the academy have contributed to a growing division of labour. Increasingly, African scholarship is associated with the production of empirical fact and socio-economic impact rather than theory, with ostensibly local rather than international publication, and with other forms&#x...
The Fragility of Empowerment: Changing Gender Relations in a Zimbabwean Resettlement area
Journal article, and Published By Taylor & Francis Group in English language
Cet article examine la précarité de l'émancipation des femmes à Sovelele, une zone de réinstallation établie à travers le Programme accéléré de réforme agraire au Zimbabwe. Comparé à leurs vies avant la réinstallation, les femmes mariées ont de plus grandes parcelles de terrain allouées par leurs maris, exercent un plus grand degré de contrôle sur le surplus agricole, et ont davantage recours à l'usage concomitant de ressources. Les femmes célibataires peuvent plus aisément acheter et exploiter des terres à leur nom. Pourtant, ces progrès sont précaires&...
The emergence of contemporary dance in Africa. A history of Danse l'Afrique danse! Biennale
Journal article, Created By Despres, Altaïr and Published By Taylor & Francis Group in French language
This essay focuses on the history of the Danse l'Afrique danse! biennale. Created by the French Cultural Cooperation in 1995, this festival is now considered the most important pan-African contemporary dance event. It constitutes a privileged site through which to examine the development of such a choreographic discipline on the African continent, from both political and artistic perspectives. Based on an analysis of the French Ministry of Cooperation's records, in-depth interviews with professionals and artists involved in the festival and the ethnography of two&...
The counting approach to multidimensional poverty. The case of four African countries
Journal article, Created By Berenger, Valérie and Published By John Wiley & Sons Publishing Company in English language
This paper investigates the levels and evolution of poverty in Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania and Zimbabwe using the decomposability properties of poverty measures based on a counting approach. We compare poverty measures such as the Alkire and Foster index with alternative poverty indices that are sensitive to inequality. Poverty is estimated using Demographic and Health Surveys for different years for Malawi (2004, 2010 and 2015), for Mozambique (2003 and 2011), Tanzania (2004, 2010 and 2015) and for Zimbabwe (2005, 2010 and 2015). Our findings show that one...
The Complexity of Farmworkers' Livelihoods in Zimbabwe After the Fast Track Land Reform: Experiences from a Farm in Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe
Journal article, and Published By Taylor & Francis Group in English language
Le Programme accéléré de réforme agraire au Zimbabwe a été l'un des plus vastes exercices de redistribution foncière au monde. Le programme a eu des effets variables sur la population rurale diversifiée, ce qui a abouti à une projection binaire des gagnants et des perdants. Les auteurs utilisent ici une micro étude de cas d'anciens ouvriers agricoles à Chinhoyi pour mettre en évidence comment la situation de ce groupe spécifique a évolué depuis 2000. L'intérêt des auteurs est de comprendre l'impact du programme sur leurs moyens de subsi...
The Changing Agrarian Economy in Zimbabwe, 15 Years After the Fast Track Land Reform Programme
Journal article, Created By Shonhe, Toendepi and Published By Taylor & Francis Group in English language
La reconfiguration de la structure agraire a imposé de nouveau schémas de production et de marchandisation à travers les différents types de champs au Zimbabwe. A partir de l'an 2000, de nouveaux marchés furent établis, avec des effets d'accumulation de capital différenciés selon les fermiers. Suite à la mise en œuvre du Programme accéléré de réforme agraire, l'impact des défis économiques, du changement climatique, et de la géopolitique internationale et nationale sur l'économie agraire demeurent relativement inconnus. Utilisant une étude de cas du distri...
Temporal perspectives on Still Bay point production at Sibudu Cave, KwaZulu-Natal, in the context of southern Africa
Journal article, Created By Lombard, Marlize and Published By Taylor & Francis in English language
Il a été avancé sur la base de datations par luminescence stimulée optiquement que le Still Bay représente une innovation technologique soudaine et de courte durée vers 72-71 kya. Pourtant, peu de sites possèdent l'intégrité stratigraphique et un assemblage de pointes Still Bay adéquats pour vérifier cette hypothèse. Le sondage profond fouillé par l'équipe de Wadley dans la grotte de Sibudu offre une telle opportunité. Nous utilisons ici des analyses détaillées des attributs technologiques et des données morphométriques pour examiner les assemblages de pointes...
Swiss Extractivism: Switzerland's Role in Zambia's Copper Sector
Journal article, Created By Dobler, Gregor and Published By Cambridge University Press in English language
Switzerland is usually not looked upon as a substantial economic actor in Africa. Taking Zambian copper as a case study, we show how important Swiss companies have become in the global commodities trade and the services it depends on. While big Swiss trading firms such as Glencore and Trafigura have generated increasing scholarly and public interest, a multitude of Swiss companies is involved in logistics and transport of Zambian copper. Swiss extractivism, we argue, is a model case for trends in today's global capitalism. We highlight that servici...
Supplementary Trade Benefits of Multi-Memberships in African Regional Trade Agreements
Created By Ngepah, Nicholas and Published By Taylor & Francis Group
Few papers have investigated the trade effects of multi-memberships of Regional Trade Agreements (RTAs), but none has done this in an Africa-wide manner. This paper investigates the supplementary trade effects of multi-memberships of RTAs after controlling for single-membership for all African RTAs. We use (1) overall number of RTAs by country pair; (2) dummies of number of RTAs; and (3) number of RTA memberships by countries within each RTA grouping, in a panel of 53 African countries from 1995 to 2014. The gravity models are estimated with the E...
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 18471