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Bank of Ghana Quarterly Economic Bulletin
Serial, and Published By Bank of Ghana in English language
Business' Corporate Social Responsibility: Theory, Opinion and Evidence from Ghana
Journal article, Created By Ofori, Dan and Published By Organization for Social Science Research in Eastern and Southern Africa (OSSREA) in English language
This article reports the findings of a study which sought to document the extent of recognition, nature and content of socially responsible actions by firms located in Ghana. The justification for the study is derived from the increasing concern expressed by policy makers about corporate social responsibility CSR and the pressure exerted on firms to demonstrate high ethical standards locally and abroad in order to be competitive. The study compared CSR percections of companies listed in the Ghana Club 100 database, which is an annual ranking of the...
Britain and Ghana's Economy
Journal article, Created By De Freitas, Geoffrey in English language
Corporate disclosure, transparency and cost of equity capital: evidence from Ghana's stock market
Journal article, Created By Bokpin, Godfred A. and Published By Inderscience in English language
This paper finds, consistent with Lopes and de Alencar (2010), that the strength of association between corporate information disclosure and cost of capital depends on the corporate disclosure environment. This paper finds that in an environment where disclosure requirement is not rich, the higher variation from the disclosure practices of firms leads to significant lower cost of equity capital. Corporate firms that commit resources to increased information disclosure and transparency are compensated with lower cost of equity capital, reduced information asymmetry between corp...
Cross-culture Learning and Knowledge Transfer Between Western and African Firms: some Ghanaien Evidence
Journal article, Created By Kuada, John and Published By Organization for Social Science Research in Eastern and Southern Africa (OSSREA) in English language
This paper discusses the factors that influence inter-firm learning processes within an african context drawing on a set of empirical evidence from Ghana to provide illustrate of these processes. Three factors have been indentified as have significant influence in the knowledge transfer process: (1) cultural sensitivity, (2) transfer and learning capacity of partners, and (3) the strategic importance and uniqueness of the relationships. The evidence also highlights the importance of inter-cultural communication skills in the knowledge transfer process.
Cocoa, marriage, labour and land in Ghana: Some materilineal and patrilineal perspectives
Journal article, Created By Duncan, Beatrice Akua and Published By Cambridge University Press in English language
Des données montrent que l'institution du mariage, notamment le mariage en droit coutumier, a servi de cadre important pour l'extraction du travail conjugal en tant que facteur dans la production du cacao depuis son introduction sur la Côte de l'Or en 1879. Elle répondait à une nécessité après l'abolition de l'esclavage et de la mise en gage d’êtres humains en 1874, et au besoin qui en a résulté de remplacer un système illégitime et cœrcitif par un système légitime. En vertu d'une règle coutumière préexistante obligeant les femm...
Capital Flows and Economic Growth in Ghana
Journal article, Created By Klobodu, Edem Kwame Mensah and Published By Taylor & Francis Group in English language
The study examines the differential effects of capital flows on economic growth in Ghana over the period 1970-2014 using autoregressive distributed lag (ARDL). Breakpoint unit root tests are employed to cater for structural change and breaks in time series. Afterwards, these break dates are fed into the ADRL model as dummy variables to allow for the computation of a more robust cointegrating vector. The findings indicate that in both the short and long run capital flows (i.e. FDI, aid, and external debt) have negative effects on economic growth. H...
Beggina and almsgiving in Ghana: Muslime position towards poverty and distress
Book/Monograph, Created By Weiss, Holger and Published By The Nordic Africa Institute in English language
Browsers and Phone Girls: The Intricate Socialities of Friendship, Trust and Cyberlove in Nima (Accra)
Journal article, Created By Cassiman, Ann and Published By Cambridge University Press in English language
Les jeunes hommes de Nima, un quartier populaire d'Accra (Ghana), s'organisent en petits groupes d'âges qui se réunissent presque tous les jours dans un endroit spécifique pour discuter, jouer et « attendre », tout en rêvant ensemble d'un futur meilleur dans un ailleurs lointain. Les amitiés qui trouvent racine dans ces bases, comme on les appelle, qui portent souvent des noms comme « Chicago » ou « Brooklyn », mènent à l'espoir et à des modes d'action spécifiques par lesquels ces jeunes appréhendent la ville, le monde autour&#x...
Bank governance, regulation and risk-taking in Ghana
Journal article, Created By Bokpin, Godfred A. and Published By Taylor & Francis Group in English language
Excessive risk-taking could spell doom for the financial market and the economy as a whole as evidenced by the recent global financial crisis of 2007/08. In this study, we document the impact of corporate governance on bank risk-taking behaviour whilst accommodating the moderating effect of forms of ownership on the relationship in a regulated environment as banks do not operate in a vacuum. A panel study with data spanning from 2000 to 2013 under the fixed effects model after several model diagnostics and performance of the Hausman specification&...