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Building materials costs increases and sustainability in real estate development in Nigeria
Journal article, Created By Ihunah, Paulinus Woka and Published By Inderscience in English language
Sustaining real estate provision is vital in order to diminish the inaccessibility of housing to citizens, and is one of the best proactive and innovative measures to improve housing estates against the deficit challenge prevailing in Nigeria. This study examines the factors and effects of increasing costs of building materials in real estate development sustainability in Nigeria. The study found that eleven dynamics were significant to contributing to the widespread deficits, deplorable conditions and inaccessibility of housing units' to people. The study further ind...
Bureaucrats and indigenes: producing and bypassing certificates of origin in Nigeria
Journal article, Created By Fourchard, Laurent and Published By Cambridge University Press in English language
Au cours des trois dernières décennies, les politiques de l’indigénéité ont conduit à la discrimination et la marginalisation des non-indigenes au Nigeria et à de nombreux conflits entre indigenes et non-indigenes. Cette discrimination fondée sur une politique localisée de l’appartenance est aujourd’hui bureaucratisée : les gouvernements locaux produisent des certificats d’indigene qui identifient clairement les origines de leur détenteur. Cet article explore l’appareil bureaucratique chargé de délivrer ces certificats dans deux gouvernements locaux de l’Etat d’Oyo (dans le Sud-ouest) et...
Beyond the state: reconceptualising African security in the 21st century
Journal article, Created By Solomon, Hussein and Published By Taylor & Francis Group
Confronted with myriad security challenges, African states and the much-vaunted peace and security architecture of the African Union (AU) has proven not to be up to the challenge. Indeed, this is implicitly acknowledged by the AU itself if one considers the creation of such security structures as the African Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), which exists outside its peace and security architecture. This paper argues for a radical rethink of security structures on the African continent - one in which state structures of security coexist with newer forms of&#...
Breaking through the development silos: sexual and reproductive health and rights, Millennium Development Goals and gender equity – experiences from Mexico, India and Nigeria
Journal article, Created By Reddy, Bhavya and Published By Elsevier in English language
Briefing: Why Goodluck Jonathan lost the Nigerian presidential election of 2015
Journal article, Created By Owen, Olly and Published By Oxford University Press (OUP) in English language
“A do or die affair” is a common description of Nigerian elections, which underlines the competitiveness and acrimony that characterize the quadrennial political ritual. The recently concluded 2015 general elections were fiercer than most, with expectations that they would end in a contentious stalemate at best, and engulf the country in violent political crisis at worst. Many people stockpiled food, the affluent and many expatriate workers took strategically timed holidays abroad, and Nigerians in regions of the country distant from their birthplaces sent their fami...
Biomedical loopholes, distrusted state, and the politics of HIV/AIDS ?cure? in Nigeria
Journal article, Created By Obadare, Ebenezer and Published By Oxford University Press (OUP) in English language
As socio-medical phenomena, epidemics are revealing of the cultures in which they are experienced. The HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa exposes antecedent tensions between state and society, and, on a broader canvas, between the global north and south. As a contribution to the emerging literature on the social ramifications of HIV/AIDS, this article examines the saga of the Nigerian physician and immunologist, Dr Jeremiah Abalaka, who like other innovators in sub-Saharan Africa claims to have developed a curative HIV vaccine. Whilst articulating the social conditions...
Boko Haram: One sect, conflicting narratives
Journal article, Created By Adibe, Jideofor and Published By Adonis & Abbey in English language
Virtually everything about Boko Haram is contested - from the meaning of its name, to the reasons for its emergence, radicalisation and whether it is now affiliated to foreign terrorist groups such as the Al Shabaab in Somali and Al Qaeda in Maghreb (AQIM). It is also contestable whether the group is actually responsible for all the numerous terrorist atrocities attributed to it. The article critically surveys all the controversies surrounding the sect and concludes that owing to the paucity of reliable research on Boko Haram, much of what is...
Business Risk, Industry Affiliation, and Corporate Capital Structure: Evidence From Publicly Listed Nigerian Companies
Journal article, Created By Nwachukwu, Jacinta and Published By Taylor & Francis in English language
This study demonstrates the extent to which changes in business risk help predict the capital structure choices of Nigerian listed companies. The findings support a U-shaped function with leverage ratio decreasing with earnings volatility, but only up to a cut-off point of 32% per annum. The results are consistent with agency cost models, which predict an escalation in the conflicts between shareholders and firm managers beyond a certain level of volatility with a subsequent increase in the equity risk premium. The expected rise in the cost of equity&#...
Blindness in Colonial Africa
Journal article, Created By Wilson, John F. in English language
Boko Haram: the emergence of a terrorist sect in Nigeria 2009–2013
Journal article, Created By Adegbulu, Femi and Published By Taylor & Francis in English language
So much has been written about insurgency groups in Nigeria; however, little attention has been given to scholarly analysis of the root causes and implications of the Boko Haram menace which currently threatens the stability and cohesive nature of the fragile Nigerian state. This paper takes a panoramic view of indigenous insurgent groups and their assaults on the Nigerian state. It examines the philosophy of Boko Haram and notes the inherent contradictions in the sect's doctrines. It places in context the legitimate grievance of the Boko Haram act...