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Book/Monograph, Created By African Union Department of Trade and industry in English language
The services sector contributes almost half of the African continent’s economic output, and it has been growing at about twice the world’s average, signifying its transformative potential for the entire continent. This volume is a compendium of five case studies of successful services exports in Africa. It highlights Air Transport Services in Ethiopia, Banking Services in Nigeria, Business Processing Outsourcing/ICT Services in Senegal, Cultural Services in Burkina Faso, and Higher Education Services in Uganda. The studies are an examination of possible best practices...
Water Finance Innovations.pdf.jpgINNOVATIVE WATER FINANCE IN AFRICA: A Guide for Water Managers
Book/Monograph, in English language
Water has become increasingly central to addressing multiple development and environmental objectives in the course of climate change. Exploring the multiple dimensions of water governance, policy and management in a holistic way is thus imperative for financial innovations to take place in the water sector. This book on “Innovative Water Finance in Africa” constitutes, first of all, a reference document allowing African managers and policy-makers to broaden their knowledge of financing strategies and tactics in order to raise fund for water services provision and wa...
PIDA Progress Report 2017.pdf.jpgPIDA Progress Report – 2017
Book/Monograph, Created By Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA) in English; French language
IGAD State of the region_v9.pdf.jpgIGAD state of the region report, a popular version : formulation of IGAD strategy and medium-term implementation plan 2016-2020 : baseline studies at the national level on IGAD priority sectors.
Annual Report; Book/Monograph, Created By Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) in English language
Despite possessing all natural and human resources that could propel the region toward self-reliance, the IGAD region remains one of the world’s poorest regions. Aggregating the World Bank data of 2013, IGAD’s regional per capita income is much lower than the Sub-Saharan African average of US$1,624. Covering an area of 5.2m square km, and with about 80 percent of the IGAD region classified as Arid and Semi-Arid lands (ASALs), more than 40 percent of the total landmass is considered economically unproductive. With a total population of well over 22...
AU_ABC_Strategic_Plan_2011_2015_Eng.pdf.jpgAfrican Union Advisory Board on Corruption: 2011-2015 Strategic Plan
Book/Monograph, Created By African Union Advisory Board on Corruption in English language
The 2011-2015 Strategic Plan of the African Union Advisory Board on Corruption is a framework that provides guidance for the initiatives of Board Members and Secretariat towards the achievement of the Board short-term vision. This vision is to be, by 2015, “an efficient organization that provides pertinent support to Member States in the sustainable implementation of the AU Convention and the fight against corruption in Africa”.
Regional_Anti-Corruption_Programme.pdf.jpgCombating Corruption, Improving Governance in Africa:Regional Anti-Corruption Programme for Africa(2011-2016)
Book/Monograph, Created By African Union Advisory Board on Corruption in English language
This Regional Anti-Corruption Programme for Africa is an initiative of the UNECA, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, being undertaken in collaboration with the African Union Advisory Board on Corruption aimed at up scaling the fight against corruption on the continent with a view to ensuring a corruption free, better governed and economically prosperous continent. The United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) (2003) and the African Union Convention on Preventing and Combating Corruption (AUCPCC) (2003) constitute the main policy and political frameworks for the formulation of&#...
African_Economic_Outlook_2018.pdf.jpgAfrican Economic Outlook 2018
Book/Monograph, Created By African Union Commission in English language
The African Economic Outlook bridges a critical knowledge gap on the diverse socioeconomic realities of African economies through regular, rigorous, and comparative analysis. It provides short-to-medium term forecasts on the evolution of key macroeconomic indicators for all 54 regional member countries, as well as analysis on the state of socioeconomic challenges and progress made in each country. It represents African Development Bank staff economists’ analyses of African economic development during the previous year and near term. It has become the main flagship report ...
NAI Nigeria and the lake region.pdf.jpgNigeria and the Lake Chad Region beyond Boko Haram
Book/Monograph, Created By Angerbrandt, Henrik published in 2017 in English language
In light of a recent UN Security Council resolution on the Lake Chad region, this policy note identifies major challenges that need to be addressed to create conditions for actors in the region to build a lasting peace. The issues include demobilising local vigilantes and resolving land-related conflicts.
Cartes de répartition des principaux organismes nuisibles des végétaux en Afrique
Book/Monograph, Created By Organisation de l'unité africaine-Commission scientifique technique et de la recherche (CSTR); Conseil Phytosanitaire Interafricain (CPI) in French language
Rationalization of the Regional Economic Communities (RECs): Review of the Abuja Treaty and Adoption of minimum integration programme
Book/Monograph, Created By African Union (AU) in English language