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Africa's informal workers : Collective agency, alliances and transnational organizing in urban Africa
Collection (editor); book; text, Created By Lindell, Ilda; Nordic Africa Institute and Published By London ; Uppsala published in 2010
Part of the groundbreaking Africa Now series, Africa’s Informal Workers explores the deepening processes of informalization and casualization of work that are changing livelihood opportunities and conditions in Africa and beyond. In doing so, the book addresses the collectively organized responses to these changes, presenting them as an important dimension of the contemporary politics of informality in Africa. It goes beyond the usual focus on household ‘coping strategies’ and individual forms of agency, by addressing the growing number of collective organizations through whic...
China and India, "rising powers" and African development : challenges and opportunities
Report; report; text, Created By Nordic Africa Institute Created By Roy, Sumit and Published By Nordiska Afrikainstitutet, African International Links; Uppsala, Sweden published in 2014
In this report, the challenges and opportunities arising from the growing ties between two key “Rising Powers,” China and India, and Africa are more fully explored. This trend has given rise to speculative, exaggerated and ideological responses and a mixture of anxiety and hope. What is needed is an interdisciplinary political economy study to investigate the ways in which global, regional and national linkages in the relationship impact on the prospects of sustainable development in Africa. The necessity for this is underscored by the growing influence of&...
Yesterday warlord, today presidential candidate : ex-military leaders running for office in post-civil war societies
Report; report; text, Created By Nordic Africa Institute Created By Abraham, Fofana; Persson, Henrik; Themnér, Anders and Published By Nordiska Afrikainstitutet, Research Unit; Nordiska Afrikainstitutet, Research Unit; University of Liberia, Liberia; Uppsala published in 2019
In many African countries where civil war raged not so long ago, former warlords are today running for office in elections. This policy note assesses the effect that these warlord democrats have on democratisation and security.
Transnational Activism Networks and Gendered Gatekeeping : Negotiating Gender in an African Association of Informal Workers
Report; report; text, Created By Nordic Africa Institute Created By Lindell, Ilda and Published By Nordiska Afrikainstitutet, Urban Dynamics; Uppsala published in 2011
The last decade has witnessed the rise of a great number of transnational social movements and activist networks. While many of these movements have been initiated in the North, some are driven by people from the Global South with the aim of addressing various forms of destitution and asserting a variety of basic economic and cultural rights. Such transnational organizing is increasingly evident in Sub-Saharan Africa. Some of these initiatives relate particularly to the growing numbers ofpeople depending on forms of informal work for survival. This edition&...
Beyond ”Gender and Stir” : Reflections on gender and SSR in the aftermath of African conflicts
Collection (editor); book; text, Created By Eriksson Baaz, Maria; Utas, Mats; Nordic Africa Institute and Published By Uppsala published in 2012
As a policy field largely characterised by handbooks and manuals, gender and Security Sector Reform (SSR) has been insufficiently studied and analysed. Analytical discussion of what gendering SSRmeans is quite rare, as is the study of the already gendered nature of the security institutions that are the subject of intervention. This policy dialogue unpacks aspects of the discourses and practices regarding gender and SSR. It highlights limitations and problems both in the conceptualisation of gender and its incorporation into practical SSR work. The publication also&#...
Agricultural water institutions in East Africa
Collection (editor); book; text, Created By Beyene, Atakilte; Nordic Africa Institute and Published By Uppsala published in 2015
Climate change is causing growing variability and uncertainty in rainfall in Africa. Since the continent's food production systems are dominantly rain-fed, these changes are putting food security at even higher risk. In order to reduce this dependency, institutional reforms in the agricultural water sectors have become a priority in research and policy. In this report, Atakilte Beyene, senior researcher at the Nordic Africa Institute, together with twelve researchers based in Africa, studies current agricultural water reforms in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and other East ...
Attrition in Longitudinal Household Survey Data : Some Tests for Three Developing-Country Samples
Publications & Research; Publications & Research :: Policy Research Working Paper, Created By Alderman, Harold; Behrman, Jere R.; Kohler, Hans-Peter; Maluccio, John A.; Cotts Watkins, Susan and Published By World Bank, Washington, DC
China in Africa
Report; report; text, Created By Nordic Africa Institute Created By Lee, Margaret C.; Melber, Henning and Published By Nordiska Afrikainstitutet; Uppsala published in 2007
The contributions to this compilation add in various ways to the ongoing discussion on China’s role in Africa. They offer a blend of general overviews on the new scramble for Africa’s resources, the Chinese expansion into Africa and case studies on Uganda and South Africa. They present reflections on and insights to a current theme, which is widely and controversially debated also within Africa.; CONTENTS -- The (not so) New Kid on the Block: China and the scramble for Africa’s resources: An introductory overview. Henning Melber -- Unpacking China’s&#x...
Understanding poverty in Africa? : A navigation through disputed concepts, data and terrains
Report; report; text, Created By Nordic Africa Institute Created By Hårsmar, Mats and Published By Nordiska Afrikainstitutet, Globalization, Trade and Regional Integration; Uppsala published in 2010
In any international comparison, sub-Saharan Africa is the region with the most pervasive poverty. The study of African societies requires the study of numerous dynamics, processes and situations with links to poverty issues. Recent methodological innovations hold that research into poverty should be multidimensional, dynamic and cross-disciplinary. But how can such research be undertaken? This volume comprises two separate articles. The first provides an overview of major conceptual positions on poverty. With the focus on theoretical and methodological issues, it argues that ...
Unconstitutional changes of government in Africa. What Implications for Democratic Consolidation?
Report; report; text, Created By Nordic Africa Institute Created By Omotola, J. Shola and Published By Nordiska Afrikainstitutet, Conflict, Displacement and Transformation; Uppsala published in 2011
This Discussion Paper is based on a conceptual and analytical reading of cases of unconstitutional change of government in Africa. It provides a deep and up-to-date exploration of the prospects for democratic consolidation on the continent against the backdrop of an upsurge in unconstitutional changes of government. Rather than focus only on the internal threats to democracy in Africa, the author also analyses the role of neighbouring states, regional organisations and hegemonic forces within the international community in advancing or limiting democracy. In this reg...