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Botswana Agriculture Public Expenditure Review 2000-2013
Report; Economic & Sector Work; Economic & Sector Work :: Public Expenditure Review, Created By World Bank and Published By Washington, DC
Opening Up the Markets for Seed Trade in Africa
Publications & Research :: Working Paper; Publications & Research, Created By Keyser, John C. and Published By World Bank, Washington, DC
Maize revolutions in Sub-Saharan Africa
Publications & Research :: Policy Research Working Paper, Created By Smale, Melinda; Byerlee, Derek; Jayne, Thom
On the Central Role of Small Farms in African Rural Development Strategies
Working Paper; Publications & Research; Publications & Research :: Policy Research Working Paper, Created By Larson, Donald F.; Muraoka, Rie; Otsuka, Keijiro and Published By World Bank, Washington, DC
Agribusiness Indicators : Kenya
Economic & Sector Work :: Other Agricultural Study; Economic & Sector Work, Created By World Bank and Published By Washington, DC
An Assessment of the investment climate in South Africa
Book/Monograph, Created By World Bank and Published By World Bank in English language
Art and aspirations: The randlords of South Africa and their collections
Book/Monograph, Created By Stevensen, Michael and Published By Frenwood Press in English language
Beyond equality: The post-apartheid counternarrative of trans and intersex movements in South Africa
Journal article, Created By Thoreson, Ryan and Published By Oxford University Press (OUP) in English language
In the decade after apartheid, South Africa became well-known for the unprecedented rights and recognition it afforded to lesbian, gay, and bisexual persons. This article explores the legal and social battles fought by South Africa's trans and intersex activists in the aftermath of the democratic transition, and the ways in which they are meaningfully distinct from the conventional narrative of the post-apartheid LGB movement. In particular, I highlight three areas of divergence – an emphasis on regional advocacy, a focus on micropolitics, and a facility wit...
Boipatong: The Politics of a Massacre and the South African Transition
Journal article, Created By Simpson, James G. R. and Published By Taylor & Francis in English language
The Boipatong massacre is widely regarded as a key moment in South Africa's transition to democracy. The massacre is also frequently cited as an example of state complicity in the political violence that shook the country during a period of negotiation and reform. Yet, limited scholarly attention has been given to the details of the event. This article examines the Boipatong massacre in detail, with particular emphasis on how the event's meaning has been contested by different individuals and groups. Analysis of these contestations gives insight int...
Before You're a DJ, You're a Woman': Navigating Gendered Space, Society and Music as a Female DJ In Johannesburg'
Journal article, Created By Duignan-Pearson, Rosalind and Published By Taylor and Francis in English language
Utilizing an ethnographic study of female DJs working in Gauteng, this work examines women's negotiation of gendered space, technology and society in South Africa's house and hip-hop DJing scene. Exploring the contemporary musical landscape of South Africa, I scrutinize the changing roles for women in South African music, while interrogating the reasons behind women's increasing visibility and success as DJs. This work draws throughout on Henrik Vigh's analytical optic of dubriagem developed through his work in Guinea-Bissau, and identifies 'hustling' as a&#...