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Illicit Flows and African Security
Collection (editor); book; text, Created By Eriksson, Mikael; Lindberg, Emy; Utas, Mats; Nordic Africa Institute and Published By Uppsala, Sweden published in 2014
Cocoa in post-conflict Liberia : the role of institutions for the development of inclusive agricultural markets
Book; book; text, Created By Nordic Africa Institute Created By Eriksson Skoog, Gun and Published By Nordiska Afrikainstitutet, Research Unit; Uppsala published in 2016
Liberia has a long history of non-inclusive development with dire consequences for its population, in terms of poverty and conflict. This research explores recent trends in the post-war Liberian cocoa market that suggest a possible break with the past. Structural changes in the cocoa market are found to have strengthened the bargaining power of smallholder farmers and increased their market participation on increasingly beneficial terms in a number of ways – such as a larger share of the world-market price and better access to inputs and services. The&...
From Aswan to Stiegler’s Gorge : small stories about large dams
Collection (editor); book; text, Created By Oestigaard, Terje; Beyene, Atakilte; Ögmundardóttir, Helga; Nordic Africa Institute and Published By Uppsala published in 2019
Dams, irrigation systems and hydropolitics are back on the geopolitical agenda. In recent years, we have seen an accelerating interest in large-scale water infrastructures, such as multipurpose dams and irrigation schemes, in the Nile Region and adjacent catchment areas. Governments in these regions are struggling to increase food security and to provide more energy in the face of industrialisation, climate change and rapid urban growth. The tension between countries over access to water will probably rise, as spells of drought increase in length and intensity. ...
Researching Africa : From individual efforts to structured programmes. The role of the Nordic Africa Institute
Book; book; text, Created By Nordic Africa Institute Created By Ståhl, Michael and Published By Nordiska Afrikainstitutet; Uppsala, Sweden published in 2012
The Nordic Africa Institute started on a modest scale back in 1962by awarding three travel grants to young Nordic scholars with an interest in Africa. Fifty years later, the institute has become an internationally renowned centre of research, documentation, publishing and net-working. By coordinating coherent programmes spanning multiple researchers and several sub-topics NAI has helped to strengthen capacity among young academics in Nordic countries by providing travel grants for field research and an academic platform for communicating and discussing research findings. NAI h...
Development Dilemmas : Annual Report 2012
Collection (editor); book; text, Created By Sävström, Johan; Nordic Africa Institute published in 2013
Where is Egypt heading and how does this correspond with popular expectations? It seems that political parties and the people of Zimbabwe are unwilling to go to the polls. There is lots of talk about Africa’s rapid economic growth, but is it trickling down to the continent’s people? The infrastructural crisis in Nigeria has made innovators of the people as they cope with the demands of everyday life. And in Cameroon, education efforts have had a significant impact on the ability of pastoralists to claim their basic civil rights. You can&...
Looking back, looking ahead : land, agriculture and society in East Africa : a festschrift for Kjell Havnevik
Collection (editor); book; text, Created By Ståhl, Michael; Nordic Africa Institute and Published By Uppsala published in 2015
Is Africa rising? Many countries in sub-Saharan Africa experience remarkable growth. Afro-optimists claim that an economic transformation is imminent, while critics argue that growth is mainly in the extractive sectors, with little improvement being noted among the rural and urban poor. This collection of essays focuses on East Africa, with an emphasis on Tanzania. It is published as Professor Kjell Havnevik retires from the Nordic Africa Institute. He has carried out research, taught and supervised students, and participated in policy debates on agriculture, the env...
In pursuit of paradise : Senegalese women, muridism and migration
Book; book; text, Created By Nordic Africa Institute Created By Evers Rosander, Eva and Published By Nordiska Afrikainstitutet; Uppsala published in 2015
Muridism is a Sufi order which originated in Senegal, West Africa, at the end of the 19th century and is now in rapid expansion with the Senegalese emigrants around the world. Among the Murids the belief is strong that the founder Shaykh Amadou Bamba and his mother Mame Diarra Bousso can help them gain a better life on earth and entry into Paradise. The book gives an account of some Murid women the author has met in Senegal and on Tenerife. Their various paths of life are described with a focus on trade, religion and&...