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Negotiating China: Reinserting African agency into China–Africa relations
Journal article, Created By Mohan, Giles and Published By Oxford University Press (OUP) in English language
Most analyses of China's renewed engagement with Africa treat China as the driving force, and little recognition is given to the role of African agency, especially beyond the level of state elites. This article investigates the extent of African agency in engagements with China and argues that at various levels African actors have negotiated, shaped, and even driven Chinese engagements in important ways. Suggesting a theoretical framework that captures agency both within and beyond the state, the article provides an empirical analysis of African agency first...
Sino-African Union Cooperation in Peace and Security in Africa
Book/Monograph, Created By Debay Tadesse Woldemichael; Institute for Security Studies (ISS) and Published By Institute for Security Studies (ISS) in English language
This conference report reflects the conclusions and recommendations made at the 2012 Sino-African Union cooperation in peace and security in Africa conference. The conference focused on the role of China in Africa’s peace and security systems; China’s relations with the African Union (AU) in peace and security initiatives; China’s military cooperation with African states; its bilateral relations with African countries; China’s relations with African regional organizations; China’s role in peacekeeping and peace building; and its economic engagements on the continent. In addition,&#...
Re-orienting the 'charm offensive' to the 'charm defensive': A critical review of Chinese media development in Africa
Journal article, Created By Shi, Anbin and Published By Taylor & Francis Group in English language
Sino-African Relations: Some Solutions and Strategies to the Policy Syndromes
Journal article, Created By Asongu, Simplice and Published By Taylor & Francis Group in English language
We survey about 110 recently published studies on Sino-African relations, and put some structure on the documented issues before suggesting some solutions and strategies to the identified policy syndromes. The documented issues are classified into the following eight main strands: China targeting nations with abundant natural resources, focusing on countries with bad governance, not hiring local workers; outbidding other countries by flouting environmental and social standards; importing workers that do not integrate into domestic society and living in extremely simple conditions, ...
The Soviet block china and Africa
Book/Monograph, Created By Hamrell, Sven./Widstrand, Cart Gösta.; The Scandenavian Institute of African Studies and Published By Scandinavian Institute of African Studies in English language
The ‘voracious dragon’, the ‘scramble’ and the ‘honey pot’: Conceptions of conflict over Africa's natural resources
Journal article, Created By Marton, Peter and Published By Taylor & Francis in English language
Western reactions to China's increasing investment in a number of countries in Africa, as well as Chinese counter-reactions, are often conceptualised as symptoms of a ‘honey pot’ conflict. Such an impression stems from viewing contemporary African development as a ‘new scramble’ for the continent's natural resources. However, the study critically unpacks these claims in various fundamental ways, demonstrating how it is untenable. Objections are based on a brief survey of Chinese discourses regarding Western criticism as well empirical objections based on the supposedly...
Watching Hong Kong martial arts film under apartheid
Journal article, Created By van Staden, Cobus and Published By Taylor & Francis Group in English language
Since its initial popularization in Africa during the 1970s, Hong Kong martial arts cinema has enjoyed remarkably consistent popularity. This paper analyses some of the causes for this phenomenon by focusing on the consumption of Hong Kong martial arts cinema in South Africa during apartheid. It argues that film-watching under apartheid was jointly structured by state censorship and state-aligned monopolies controlling film distribution and exhibition. These factors facilitated the flow of Hollywood film into South Africa yet at the same time constrained black audiences.&...
China's Growing Military Peacekeeping Presence in Africa : What bBenefit(s) (if any) for Continental Security?
Journal article, Created By Mlambo, Daniel N. and Published By Adonis and Abbey in English language
In the 1950s, China was one of the least developed countries globally, nevertheless, today, Beijing's rise as a global superpower has over the last three or so decades received unprecedented attention not only in academia but from the political, economic and media discourse. The rise of Chinese hegemony has been witnessed in a range of development driven initiatives in Africa spanning from the economic, political, trade and infrastructural spectrums just to name a few. Nonetheless, over the last thirty plus years, there has been increased attention paid...