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Abbot Pfanner, the Glen Grey Act and the Native Question
Journal article, Created By Denis, Philippe and Published By Taylor & Francis Group in English language
In November 1893 Franz Pfanner, a Catholic missionary born in Austria, founder of the Trappist monastery of Mariannhill near Pinetown, sent to two Natal newspapers an article on the Native Question which attracted a fair amount of attention. A more elaborate version of his proposals was published the following year in the form of a pamphlet. Pfanner recommended the establishment of villages in Natal for African people where each of them would receive a plot to build a house and do agricultural work. In May and again in July 1894, The...
African Institutions: Challenges to Political, Social, and Economic Foundations of Africa's Development
Book/Monograph, Created By Mazrui, Ali A. and Published By Rowman & Littlefield in English language
Every political system, either developed or adopted, has an impact on the structure of society and the level of development. This book analyzes the evolution and nature of political institutions and their effect on Africa's development. The challenges Africa face in developing viable institutions are not limited to the adoption of foreign institutions, but are also rooted in domestic norms that define society itself. Sometimes, these challenges have to do with the incompatibility between foreign and domestic institutions. The fundamental issue then is to understa...
Africa 2007: The History, Geography, Politics, Tourism and Business Potential of Africa and its 53 Nations
Book/Monograph, Created By De Villiers, Les and Published By The Corporate Council on Africa in English language
African Development Indicators 2000: Drawn from World Bank Africa Database
Book/Monograph, and Published By The World Bank in English language
Africa's quest for a cashless economy gains momentum
Journal article, Created By Ighobor, Kingsley and Published By United Nations Department of Public Information in English language
African economic outlook 2009
Book/Monograph, Created By African Development Bank (AfDB) and Published By Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in English language
A shift in Western development agency thinking? The case for second best
Journal article, Created By Bekker, Simon and Published By Taylor & Francis Group in English language
This review essay illustrates a turn in Western development agency thinking in two recent publications intended for development agencies and African "reformers," by authors with long careers in Western development institutions. Both publications explicitly reject - at least for the short to medium term - a comprehensive "good governance" approach to development. Subsequently, a publication entitled Violence and Social Orders, authored by three American scholars with an interest in the role of institutions in historical change, is reviewed since it is a cruc...
African Economic Development
Book/Monograph, Created By Langdon, Steven and Published By Routledge in English language
The barriers to economic growth seen in the 1980-2000 era are disappearing and new optimism is spreading. However, difficult goals of eliminating poverty, achieving equity and overcoming environmental threats continue. This much-needed and insightful textbook has been written to help us understand this combination of emerging improvements and significant challenges. Opening with an analysis of the main theories relating to development in Sub-Saharan Africa, the book explores all the key issues, including: Human development; Rapid urbanization; Structural and gender dimensions; Sustainab...
Africa Recovery
Serial, and Published By UN in English language
Africa rising? A Historical Perspective
Journal article, Created By Frankema, Ewout and Published By Oxford University Press in English language
Sub-Saharan Africa's recent economic boom has raised hopes and expectations to lift the regions' 'bottom millions' out of poverty by 2030. How realistic is that goal? We approach this question by comparing the experiences of three front-runners of region-specific development trajectories - Britain's capital-intensive, Japan's labour-intensive, and Ghana's land-extensive growth path, highlighting some historical analogies that are relevant for Africa, but often overlooked in the current 'Africa rising' debate. We draw particular attention to Africa's demographic boom&...