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The state of conflict early warning in Africa: Theories and practice
Journal article, Created By Souaré, Issaka K. and Published By Taylor & Francis in English language
This article examines the state of the art of early warning in Africa. It looks at the definitions of early warning, considers the historical evolution of conflict early warning systems, and takes a critical look at the debate about the link or the gap between early warning and early action. To this end, it tries to answer some important questions, particularly in relation to the purpose of early warning systems (EWSs) and their limitations so as to ensure that EWSs and early warning analysts are taken for what they are, and not...
Towards a people friendly Pan-African Parliament : lessons from the European parliament
Journal article, Created By Appiah, Juliana and Published By Adonis and Abbey in English language
The Pan-African Parliament (PAP) is an institution of the African Union (AU) modeled after the European Union's (EU's) European Parliament (EP). Both were established to promote principles of democracy and to ensure the active involvement of Union citizens in the integration process. However, the approach and commitment of the AU and the EU to the full operationalization and functioning of the two differ. Using the constructivist theory, a content analysis of relevant constitutive documents of the two parliaments is done. The paper delves into the identi...
Withdrawal from the International Criminal Court: Does Africa have an alternative?
Journal article, Created By Sibiya, Vukile Ezrom and Published By ACCORD in English language
After a century in the making, the International Criminal Court (ICC) came into existence in 2002 with an overwhelming number of states ratifying the Rome Statute. With 34 signatories, Africa is the largest contributor in the Assembly of State Parties, yet Africa has become its severest critic. As threats of withdrawal become a reality with the imminent withdrawal of Burundi, this article considers the question of whether Africa has an alternative solution. With an African Union (AU) Constitutive Act purporting a commitment to combating impunity and promoti...