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Cognition's Warp
Journal article, Created By Osinubi, Taiwo Adetunji and Published By Taylor & Francis Group in English language
This article examines the use of the near-future scenario in two African films. By analysing the intertexual use of science fiction film iconography in Ousmane Sembène's La Noire de…, Jean-Pierre Bekolo's Les Saignantes and Sylvestre Amoussou's Africa Paradis, the author argues that the latter films should be regarded as post-millennium refashioning of the anticipation narrative. In particular, these latter films using tropes of cyberspace and cyborg figurations need to be read as responses to the prevalence of new African narratives of the occult. The us...
Crises, Economic Integration and Growth Collapses in African Countries
Journal article, Created By Ali, Abdilahi and Published By Oxford University Press (OUP) in English language
The objective of this article is to explore the effects of crises and openness on a large sample of African countries. Focusing on sudden stops, currency, twin and sovereign debt crises, the article shows that crises are associated with growth collapses in Africa. In contrast, openness is found to be beneficial to growth. More specifically, consistent with standard Mundell-Fleming type models, greater openness to trade and financial flows is found to mitigate the adverse effects of crises. These findings are robust to various measures of both openness ...
Cases: Uganda:Procedure in the African courts
Journal article, and Published By Cambridge University Press in English language
Comparative table of banking legislation in Africa
Journal article, and Published By Cambridge University Press in English language
This Table summarises the effect of legislation in the different countries covered in regard to: the definition of “bank” and “banking”; how banks are distinguished from other financial institutions; restrictions on use of “bank”, etc.; statutory requirements for formation of a bank; licensing or registering of banks; control over banks’ ratios, reserves, deposits, etc.; and provisions for the protection of customers.
Chinese yuan penetrates African markets
Journal article, Created By Mukeredzi, Tonderayi and Published By United Nations Department of Public Information in English language
Conflict, Mediation, and the African State: How Foreign Support and Democracy Lead to Strong Political Order
Journal article, Created By Glawion, Tim and Published By Taylor & Francis in English language
Anarchy and war reigning throughout Africa threaten to bring about a “failed” continent. This article, on the contrary, argues that to understand the evolution of African state systems, political order should be defined as a conflict mediation institution and process. Through a quantitative analysis, this paper challenges Charles Tilly's notion that interstate war helps build states and challenges the idea that foreign support retards state building. Democracy, and a complex three-dimensional relationship between intrastate war, political order, and foreign support, on the ...
Conflict and conflict resolution in Africa: Engaging the colonial factor
Journal article, Created By Achankeng, Fonkem I and Published By ACCORD in English language
By engaging the colonial factor in African confl icts, this article seeks to understand the ineffectiveness of efforts at confl ict management in overcoming the disasters that brought the confl icts to the African continent. It claims that confl ict in Africa does not always stem primarily from crises of national governance and the failure of governmental institutions in African countries to mediate confl ict, and revisits the colonial factor as the root of many confl icts in Africa. The article reconsiders the confl ict management and confl ict&#...
Challenges and Opportunities of Village Community Networks Within the Neoliberal Context: A Case Study of Women's Networks in Africa
Journal article, Created By Madaha, Rasel and Published By Taylor & Francis Group in English language
Given the fact that neoliberalism continues to affect the way people view today's world and it will continue to do so for sometimes, women and their networks need to make use of some of the opportunities presented by neoliberalism. In particular, the government of Tanzania has created an atmosphere to allow grassroots networks and NGOs to directly implement development interventions in Tanzania. The NGOs have implemented welfare interventions benefiting the entire communities as well as providing financial services to a limited number of people. As the ...
China's Foreign Policy Shift in Africa: From Non-Interference to Preponderance
Journal article, Created By Okoloa, Abutu Lawrence and Published By Taylor & Francis in English language
The penetration of Beijing into the African continent is radically changing the economic landscape of the region. The non-interference policy states that China does not meddle in the internal affairs of other nations and this is a core part of the five principles of peaceful coexistence; others include mutual respect for a nation's sovereignty and territorial integrity, mutual non-aggression, equality based on mutual benefit and peaceful coexistence. Furthermore, there has been no corresponding change in Beijing's foreign policy in terms of ambitions, alliances an...
Course of Africa at Guildhall
Journal article, in English language