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Directory of engineering education institutions: Africa, Arab States, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean
Book/Monograph, and Published By UNESCO in English language
Africa and terrorism: Joining the global campaign
Book/Monograph, Created By Cilliers, Jokkie; Sturman, Kathryn; Institute for Security Studies (ISS) in English language
Apart from the widespread use of terror by local, national and regional groups;a global resurgence in international terrorism had been underway for some time when the attacks on the World Trade Centre and other symbolic targets in the United States focused the world's attention on the new treats of the post-Cold War era. The events of 11 September 2001 reflect public evidence of an intensifying global security problem that will demand a global response - including one from Africa and its constituent states. Earlier, in July 1999, African leade...
African regional organisation: From unity to union, key documents of the OAU/AU, ECOWAS, SADC, IGAD, COMESA, ECCAS, EAC and the AMU (2nd editions, over 20 new documents)
Book/Monograph, Created By Institute for Security Studies (ISS) in English language
Boundaries of peace support operations : The African dimension
Book/Monograph, Created By Malan, Mark, ed. and Published By Institute for security studies (ISS) in English language
Africa South of the Sahara
Book/Monograph, and Published By Europa Publications in English language
Africa South of the Sahara
Book/Monograph, and Published By Europa Publications in English language
ACP-EU partnership agreement signed in Cotonou on 23 June 2000
Book/Monograph, and Published By EU in English language
Continent of mothers, continent of hope: Understanding and promoting development in Africa today
Book/Monograph, Created By Skard, Torild and Published By Zedbooks in English language
What is Africa really like today? For all the ordinary townsmen, villagers, and particularly mothers, breadwinners and children who live there? Cutting through the Western media's stereotype picture of a continent wracked only by civil conflict and AIDS. Torild Skard has written an engrossing introduction to a continent in change. Based on her extensive travels through the length and breadth of the region when she served as UNICEF's Director in West and Central Africa in the 1990s, this experienced writer combines eyewitness accounts, likely description ...
Africa South of the Sahara
Book/Monograph, and Published By Europa Publications in English language
Armed Conflicts in Africa : Examining Sexual Violence as an Instrument Of War
Journal article, Created By Daudu, Innocent A. and Published By Adonis and Abbey in English language
Sexual violence finds its most brutal expression during armed conflicts. Across culture and time, sexual violence has assumed a myriad of forms and dimensions. It is widespread, but grossly underreported. It is the deep and multi-dimensional impact of sexual violence on individuals, families, and communities that gives it the status of 'an instrument of war', having drastic consequences. This work seeks to lend a voice to 'breaking the silence' about sexual violence during armed conflicts, and to contribute towards a better understanding of why and&#x...