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The Transformation of African Smallholders into Customer Value Creating Businesses: A Conceptual Framework
Journal article, Created By Mebrahtu L. Teklehaimanot and Published By Taylor & Francis Group in English language
An increasing number of the 600 million African smallholders are becoming integrated into the supply chains of supermarkets, fast food chains, and exporters. This process gradually transforms the smallholders into profit-oriented businesses that can make important contributions to rural development and food security. This article brings this issue to the attention of the readership of the Journal of African Business. It connects distinct lines of literature on smallholders, business training, and customer value creation. More specifically, it argues that to equip smallholders ...
Tunisia redux: aspects of change in a farming area of Northwest Tunisia, 1972–2007
Serial, Created By Fraenkel, Richard in English language
Traditional Oromo Attitudes Towards the Environment: An argument for environmentally sound development
Book/Monograph, Created By Workneh, Kelbessa; Taye, Assefa and Published By OSSREA in English language
Total factor productivity growth of the Tunisian agricultural sector: a review of historical trends and main determinants
Journal article, Created By Frija, Aymen and Published By Inderscience in English language
The objective of this paper is to calculate the total factors productivity (TFP) growth of the Tunisian agricultural sector, between 1961 and 2012, and to assess its main determinants. Data about agricultural inputs and outputs was collected for the mentioned period, and used to calculate the Tornqvist TFP index. Another set of explicative variables was also used to assess the main determinants of the productivity gains. The results showed that TFP in Tunisia was highly fluctuating during the last four decades, which was mainly due to the variability&#...
Variable Returns to Fertiliser Use and the Geography of Poverty: Experimental and Simulation Evidence from Malawi
Journal article, Created By Harou, Aurélie P. and Published By Oxford University Press (OUP) in English language
We use large-scale, panel experimental data from maize field trials throughout Malawi to estimate the expected biophysical returns to fertiliser use conditional on a range of agronomic factors and weather conditions. Using these estimated returns and historical price and weather data, we simulate the expected profitability of fertiliser application over space and time. We find that the fertiliser bundles distributed under Malawi's subsidy programme are almost always profitable for improved hybrid seeds at retail and farmer-reported maize and fertiliser prices. Our results ...
Water infrastructure in Libya and the water situation in agriculture in the Jefara region of Libya
Journal article, Created By Abdudayem, Abdulmagid and Published By Inderscience in English language
Information about the current state of water institutional frameworks, water infrastructure and water management policies in Libya enable the identification and evaluation of a range of options for improving water use efficiency in agriculture and the potential role of water pricing in achieving sustainability of water sources. This paper begins with an overview of the agricultural sector. In order to assess the current water situation in Libya, the water infrastructure will be examined through a review of water legislation, its institutional framework and the infras...
Woodland commodities, global trade, and local struggles: the beeswax trade in British Tanzania
Journal article, Created By Tuck, Michael W. and Published By Taylor & Francis in English language
This article examines African production and sale of beeswax during the period of British colonial rule in Tanzania. It argues that the Nyamwezi and Ngindo people in particular were active in the exploitation of this forest product as a means to pay taxes and gain access to imports in a way that synchronized with subsistence agriculture and which gave them a measure of control over their economic lives. However, while supported by some colonial officials who tried to increase beeswax exports, African producers had to struggle against forestry and&...
Zimbabwe's land reform: new political dynamics in the countryside
Journal article, Created By Scoones, Ian and Published By Taylor & Francis Group in English language
[La réforme foncière du Zimbabwe: les nouvelles dynamiques politiques en milieu rural.] La reconfiguration des opportunités économiques et foncières à la suite de la réforme foncière de 2000 a entrainé la formation d’une nouvelle politique en milieu rural. Cette dernière provient des processus d’accumulation et de différenciation découlant de la réforme foncière. Cette nouvelle dynamique politique est déjà contestée : entre les intérêts des nouveaux ‘paysans moyens’ qui ‘accumulent en partant du bas de l’échelle’ d’une part, et les élites politiquement connectées et du&#x...
Social change and economic reform in Africa
Book/Monograph, Created By Gibbon, Peter; Nordiska Afrikainstitutet and Published By Nordiska Afrikainstitutet in English language
Women's access to land: The de- feminisation of agriculture in Southern Niger
Book/Monograph, Created By Doka, Marthe and Published By International Institute for Environment and Development (iied) in English language