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Are firms adopting a sustainable culture? Perspectives from the Mauritian business sector
Journal article, Created By Kassean, Hemant and Published By Inderscience in English language
There is some consensus that if firms are to adopt a sustainable culture and achieve economic growth, they need to look at sustainability beyond its 'green' roots which are also supported by the economic, social and cultural performance of business. The purpose of this paper is to assess the extent to which firms in Mauritius are adopting a sustainable culture. A representative sample of 182 local companies took part in the survey which was carried out using face-to-face interview and online method. Statistical analysis was carried out and ...
An inquiry into cities and their role in subnational economic growth in South Africa
Journal article, Created By Naudé, W.A. in English language
A Business Man's View of Africa
Journal article, in English language
Asia-Africa Development Divergence
Book/Monograph, Created By Henley, David and Published By Zed Books in English language
Despite recent economic growth in Sub-Saharan Africa, most people there are still almost as poor as they were half a century ago. This book asks the vital question: why have Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam been able to reduce levels of absolute poverty in recent years more successfully than many African countries, such as Kenya, Nigeria, and Tanzania? In Asia-Africa Development Divergence, David Henley corrects widespread misconceptions about rapid poverty reduction in Asia and Africa and, in their place, presents a simple, radical...
Appropriate macroeconomic policies for Nigeria's economic growth, 1981-2010: an econometric analysis
Journal article, Created By Tombofa, Steve S. and Published By Inderscience in English language
Policymakers in Nigeria are aware of the importance of sustained economic growth as a macroeconomic policy. The paper is aimed at examining the effects of stabilisation policy instruments on economic growth. We used modern econometric techniques and the empirical results based on annual data spanning the period 1981-2010. Econometric results show that fiscal policy instrument had a negative impact on GDP growth. CEF took a negative sign in all the three models. All monetary policy variables except PRM had a positive impact on GDP growth. Nominal exchange&#x...
Female entrepreneurship and growth in Cameroon
Journal article, Created By Okah-Efogo, Françoise and Published By Emerald in English language
The purpose of this paper is to supplement the literature on the effect of female entrepreneurship on economic growth by bringing new evidence for the case of SMEs owned by women in Cameroon.
Investigating the non-linear Wagner's hypothesis in South Africa
Journal article, Created By Leshoro, Temitope Lydia A. and Published By Emerald Publishing Limited in English language
The commonly adopted view of the relationship between government spending and economic growth follows the Keynesian approach, in which government spending is considered to determine economic growth. However, there is another theory, which suggests that economic growth in fact determines government spending. This is Wagner's hypothesis. The purpose of this paper is to investigate which of the two approaches applies to South Africa, and further observes the level of non-linearity between the two variables.
Financialisation and economic growth in Nigeria
Journal article, Created By Udeogu, Ejike and Published By Taylor & Francis Group in English language
Institutions and economic growth in Sub-Saharan Africa: a panel data analysis
Journal article, Created By Ebaidalla, Ebaidalla Mahjoub and Published By Inderscience in English language
Over the last three decades or so, there has been a considerable debate on factors that explaining economic growth in Sub-Saharan African (SSA) countries. The conventional determinants of economic growth, such as, economic policies, investment in human capital and foreign flow of private capital have been received a great attention in the literature. Nevertheless, the role of institutions in stimulating growth still has not been adequately studied. This study, therefore, aims at investigating the relationship between institutional quality and economic growth in 20 SSA...
Illiberal peace building in Angola
Journal article, Created By Soares De Oliveira and Published By Cambridge University Press in English language
Angola's oil-fuelled reconstruction since the end of the civil war in 2002 is a world away from the mainstream liberal peace building approach that Western donors have promoted and run since the end of cold war. The Angolan case is a pivotal example of what can be termed 'illiberal peacebuilding', a process of post-war reconstruction managed by local elites in defiance of liberal peace precepts on civil liberties, the rule of law, the expansion of economic freedoms and poverty alleviation, with a view to constructing a hegemonic order ...