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Growth, Stagnation or Retrogression? On the Accuracy of Economic Observations, Tanzania, 1961–2001
Journal article, Created By Jerven, Morten and Published By Oxford University Press (OUP) in English language
Statistics on African economic growth are widely known to be inaccurate, but the extent and nature of these inaccuracies and their implications for the users of the data have not been rigorously assessed. This article investigates measurement issues of economic growth in post-colonial Tanzania. It is shown here that conclusions on Tanzania's development performance are conditioned by selection of the source of growth evidence. The article argues for an agnostic perspective on Tanzanian economic growth. Modelling efforts of African growth are more sophisticated than&#x...
International tourism and economic growth: the case of Morocco and Tunisia
Journal article, Created By Bouzahzah, Mohamed and Published By Routledge and Taylor & Francis Group in English language
This study proposes to examine the impact of tourism activity on the economic growth of Morocco and Tunisia. We contribute here to the empirical literature on the tourism-led growth hypothesis (TLGH), by adopting the error correction model framework, the cointegration and Granger causality tests between real tourism receipts, real effective exchange rate and economic growth in Morocco and Tunisia, for the annual period 1980–2010; two main results emerge from this analysis. First, contrary to the predictions of the TLGH, the Granger test results show that this&#x...
Examining Imports of Capital Goods From China as a Channel for Technology Transfer and Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa
Journal article, Created By Munemo, Jonathan and Published By Taylor & Francis in English language
The author contributes to related literature by analyzing how economic growth in Sub-Saharan Africa is affected by the growing dependency on capital goods from China. The author finds robust evidence in support of the hypothesis that capital goods from China are an important technology transfer channel that enhances economic growth in Africa. Therefore, trade liberalization policies aimed at attracting Chinese capital on a non-preferential basis are important. In addition, the results also suggest that growth strategies based on greater physical and human capital accumula...
Growth equity and sectoral decompositions of aggregate poverty changes in Cameroon: The role of the labor market
Journal article, Created By Atemnkeng,Johannes Tabi; Tambi, Daniel Mbu and Published By Emerald Publishing Limited in English language
The purpose of this paper is to provide insight to policy-makers into a framework for action, which is needed to effectively reduce poverty in its monetary and non-monetary dimensions.|Specifically, an exact decomposition analysis is conducted that is based on the Shapley value method, and investigated the growth and redistribution effects as well as changes due to mobility and sector-specific effects of the variation in both income/expenditure and non-income poverty dimensions.|Growth in mean consumption and household assets accounted for the bulk of the improvement ...
Institutional Reforms to Attract Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) as a Strategy for Economic Growth: What Has Tanzania Done?
Journal article, Created By Ngowi, Honest Prosper and Published By African Association for Public Admistration and Management (AAPAM) in English language
Interrogating the economy-first paradigm in 'Sustainable Development': towards integrating development with the ecosystem in Ethiopia
Journal article, Created By Tsegai Berhane Ghebretekle and Published By St Mary's University College in English language
This article examines the concept of sustainable development after the Post-2015 Paris Climate Change Agreement with particular emphasis on Ethiopia. Various African countries are vulnerable to climate change, as is evidenced by recent droughts. Ethiopia is selected as a case study in light of its pace in economic growth and as a country which is among the ones that are most affected by climate change. I argue that the concept of sustainable development will be meaningful if it is related only to the core idea of ecological sustainability. &...
Financial deepening, economic growth ad development : Evidence from selected Sub-Saharan African countries
Book/Monograph, Created By Ndebbio, John E.Udo and Published By AERC(African Economic Research Consortium in English language
Lack of or stagnant growth of output of any country is often caused by "shallow-finance". A shallow financial depth (FD) means that the range of financial assets for that country is narrow. It is a scenario that goes far in explaining why most SSA countries have low or negative per capita growth rates. This study identifies the range of financial assets that ca adequately approximate financial deepening, which simply means an increase in the supply of financial assets in the economy. FD is represented by two variables, the degree of...
Globalization and Development in Zambia: Challenges and prospects
Book/Monograph, Created By Organization for social science research in Eastern and Southern Africa (OSSREA) and Published By Organization for Social Science Research in Eastern and Southern Africa (OSSREA) in English language
Historicizing Contemporary Growth
Journal article, Created By Admasie, Samuel Andreas and Published By Michigan State University Press in English language
This article aims to historicize the current conjuncture in Ethiopia, which is characterized by rapid economic growth. It aims to do so by using a historical and political economy perspective to analyze the social-structural transformation that the Ethiopian revolution entailed, the nature and dynamics of the social structures that emerged as a result of the Ethiopian revolution, and the manner in which those structural transformations relate to the current phase of capitalist growth in the country. It is argued that the Ethiopian revolution, by eliminating the&...
International competitiveness in Africa
Book/Monograph, Created By Razafimahefa, Ivohasina Fizara and Published By Springer in English language