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Land tenure dynamics in East Africa : changing practices and rights to land
Collection (editor); book; text, Created By Otto, Opira; Isinika, Aida; Musahara, Herman; Nordic Africa Institute and Published By Uppsala published in 2019
Agriculture remains the main source of livelihood for most rural people in East Africa. Farming is dominated by smallholders, of whom the majority are women. Their tenure and access to land is important for reducing rural poverty, enhancing food security and stimulating agricultural development. Secure tenure represents one of the most critical challenges to the development of sustainable agriculture in the region. In an effort to understand the land question and its variation across the region, this book analyses the land reforms, their context and dynamics.&#x...
Africa's informal workers : Collective agency, alliances and transnational organizing in urban Africa
Collection (editor); book; text, Created By Lindell, Ilda; Nordic Africa Institute and Published By London ; Uppsala published in 2010
Part of the groundbreaking Africa Now series, Africa’s Informal Workers explores the deepening processes of informalization and casualization of work that are changing livelihood opportunities and conditions in Africa and beyond. In doing so, the book addresses the collectively organized responses to these changes, presenting them as an important dimension of the contemporary politics of informality in Africa. It goes beyond the usual focus on household ‘coping strategies’ and individual forms of agency, by addressing the growing number of collective organizations through whic...
Being and becoming Oromo : historical and anthropological enquiries
Collection (editor); book; text, Created By Hultin, Jan; Triulzi, Alessandro; Baxter, Paul Trevor William; Nordic Africa Institute and Published By Uppsala published in 1996
The Oromo are one of the most numerous peoples of Africa but general recognition of their distinctive culture and identity is comparatively recent. These essays, through an examination of the Oromo experience, seek to explain why recognition took so long and to analyse some aspects of the Oromo culture.; CONTENTS: Introduction / P.T.W. Baxter, Jan Hultin and Alessandro Triulzi -- Hawani´s story / Hawani Debella & Aneesa Kassam -- The Development of Oromo Political Consciousness from 1958 to 1994 / Herbert S. Lewis -- The Survival and ...
The migration experience in Africa
Collection (editor); book; text, Created By Baker, Jonathan; Aina, Tade Akin; Nordic Africa Institute and Published By Uppsala published in 1995
In this book different authors investigates the range of the migration experience in Africa. Because of the variety and complexity of the reasons which surround and underpin why African populations are so mobile, this volume adopts an eclectic approach which illustrates the diversity of theoretical positions, as well as methodological and analytical trends. Examples of the great breadth and richness of empirical insights into human migrations in the contemporary african context are also given.; CONTENTS: Introduction / Tade Akin Aina & Jonathan Baker -- PART&...
Faith as politics : reflections in commemoration of Beyers Naudé (1915-2004)
Collection (editor); book; text, Created By Melber, Henning; Nordic Africa Institute and Published By Uppsala published in 2015
Beyers Naudé was in his later life one of the leading Afrikaner anti-apartheid activists. Convinced by the strength of his faith he took a courageous political stand in a time in South African history when it was much needed. In May 2015, Oom Bey's hundredth birthday was reason to remember and celebrate his service to the people. Faith As Politics is an anthology with contributions from researchers, diplomats, activists and clergies who all have one thing in common – they were all engaged in the struggle against apartheid at the same...
Africa's changing societies : Reform from below
Collection (editor); book; text, Created By Lorentz, Lina; Sköld, Mattias; Nordic Africa Institute and Published By Uppsala, Sweden published in 2012
In NAIs Annual Report 2011 you can read about how military structures lingers in Liberia, about the global rush for land, the importance of understanding local farming techniques, about how African cities drive change, and much more.
Beyond ”Gender and Stir” : Reflections on gender and SSR in the aftermath of African conflicts
Collection (editor); book; text, Created By Eriksson Baaz, Maria; Utas, Mats; Nordic Africa Institute and Published By Uppsala published in 2012
As a policy field largely characterised by handbooks and manuals, gender and Security Sector Reform (SSR) has been insufficiently studied and analysed. Analytical discussion of what gendering SSRmeans is quite rare, as is the study of the already gendered nature of the security institutions that are the subject of intervention. This policy dialogue unpacks aspects of the discourses and practices regarding gender and SSR. It highlights limitations and problems both in the conceptualisation of gender and its incorporation into practical SSR work. The publication also&#...
Agricultural water institutions in East Africa
Collection (editor); book; text, Created By Beyene, Atakilte; Nordic Africa Institute and Published By Uppsala published in 2015
Climate change is causing growing variability and uncertainty in rainfall in Africa. Since the continent's food production systems are dominantly rain-fed, these changes are putting food security at even higher risk. In order to reduce this dependency, institutional reforms in the agricultural water sectors have become a priority in research and policy. In this report, Atakilte Beyene, senior researcher at the Nordic Africa Institute, together with twelve researchers based in Africa, studies current agricultural water reforms in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and other East ...
Water finance innovations in context
Collection (editor); book; text, Created By Beyene, Atakilte; Ngonzo Luwesi, Cush; Nordic Africa Institute and Published By Uppsala published in 2018
CONTENTS: Authors Biographies, 5 -- Preface and Acknowledgements, 11 -- Chapter 1 – Prologue: Why Does Africa Need Innovative Water Financing Mechanisms? Atakilte Beyene and Cush Ngonzo Luwesi, 17 -- Chapter 2: Africa’s Water Sector Development and Financing Outlook Wangai Ndirangu, Cush Ngonzo Luwesi, Atakilte Beyene and Mamudu Abunga Akudugu, 42 -- Chapter 3: The Core Business of Integrated Water Management: Achieving Water Governance Performance Joy Apiyo Obando, Cush Ngonzo Luwesi, Atakilte Beyene, Raphael Mwamba Tshimanga and Albert Ruhakana, 60 -- Chapter 4: Legal&#...
91-7106-513-X.jpg.jpgRe-thinking sexualities in Africa
Collection (editor); book; text, Created By Arnfred, Signe; Nordic Africa Institute and Published By Uppsala published in 2004
The volume brings together papers by African and Nordic/Scandinavian gender scholars and anthropologists, in attempts to investigate and critically discuss existing lines of thinking about sexuality in Africa, while at the same time creating space for alternative approaches. Issues of colonial and contemporary discourses on 'African sexuality' and on 'female genital mutilation' are being discussed, as well as issues of female agency and of feminists' engagement with HIV/AIDS. The volume contributes to contemporary efforts of re-thinking sexualities in the light&...