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Being and becoming Oromo : historical and anthropological enquiries
Collection (editor); book; text, Created By Hultin, Jan; Triulzi, Alessandro; Baxter, Paul Trevor William; Nordic Africa Institute and Published By Uppsala published in 1996
The Oromo are one of the most numerous peoples of Africa but general recognition of their distinctive culture and identity is comparatively recent. These essays, through an examination of the Oromo experience, seek to explain why recognition took so long and to analyse some aspects of the Oromo culture.; CONTENTS: Introduction / P.T.W. Baxter, Jan Hultin and Alessandro Triulzi -- Hawani´s story / Hawani Debella & Aneesa Kassam -- The Development of Oromo Political Consciousness from 1958 to 1994 / Herbert S. Lewis -- The Survival and ...
The migration experience in Africa
Collection (editor); book; text, Created By Baker, Jonathan; Aina, Tade Akin; Nordic Africa Institute and Published By Uppsala published in 1995
In this book different authors investigates the range of the migration experience in Africa. Because of the variety and complexity of the reasons which surround and underpin why African populations are so mobile, this volume adopts an eclectic approach which illustrates the diversity of theoretical positions, as well as methodological and analytical trends. Examples of the great breadth and richness of empirical insights into human migrations in the contemporary african context are also given.; CONTENTS: Introduction / Tade Akin Aina & Jonathan Baker -- PART&...
African culture for Nordic people
Book; book; text, Created By Nordic Africa Institute Created By Palmberg, Mai and Published By Nordiska Afrikainstitutet, Cultural Images and Expressions; Uppsala, Sweden published in 1997
AIDS i Afrika
Collection (editor); book; text, Created By Palmberg, Mai; Nordic Africa Institute and Published By Uppsala published in 1993
Nordic commodity import support to Tanzania
Collection (editor); book; text, Created By Havnevik, Kjell; Odén, Bertil; Skarstein, Rune; Nordic Africa Institute and Published By Uppsala, Sweden published in 1990
Credit, currencies and culture : African financial institutions in historical perspective
Collection (editor); book; text, Created By Stiansen, Endre; Guyer, Jane I.; Nordic Africa Institute and Published By Uppsala published in 1999
A striking feature of African history is the volume of commerce and production that has been possible without the full panoply of credit, insurance, futures markets, stock companies, limited liability, and other legal and financial services that make up the formal sector of modern economies. This volume investigate institutional nexuses through which money has been managed in Africa. Together they present important perspectives that are needed to understand the present economic crisis on the continent.; CONTENTS -- Finance and Credit in Pre-Colonial Dahomey/Robin Law ...