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Land tenure dynamics in East Africa : changing practices and rights to land
Collection (editor); book; text, Created By Otto, Opira; Isinika, Aida; Musahara, Herman; Nordic Africa Institute and Published By Uppsala published in 2019
Agriculture remains the main source of livelihood for most rural people in East Africa. Farming is dominated by smallholders, of whom the majority are women. Their tenure and access to land is important for reducing rural poverty, enhancing food security and stimulating agricultural development. Secure tenure represents one of the most critical challenges to the development of sustainable agriculture in the region. In an effort to understand the land question and its variation across the region, this book analyses the land reforms, their context and dynamics.&#x...
Rainbows, pythons and waterfalls : heritage, poverty and sacrifice among the Busoga, Uganda
Book; book; text, Created By Nordic Africa Institute Created By Oestigaard, Terje and Published By Uppsala University, Disciplinary Domain of Humanities and Social Sciences, Faculty of Arts, Department of Archaeology and Ancient History; Uppsala published in 2019
Cultural and natural heritage is a fundamental part of society and crucial in any development process; yet because of the complexity, it has proved difficult to incorporate culture and tradition in actual policy practice. Here the rich heritage of the Busoga is explored, using the water cosmology at the Itanda Falls in Uganda, with a specific emphasis on a rainmaking ritual and sacrifice to the rain-god during a drought. While rainmaking rituals cannot mitigate climate change in the modern world, and while fewer and fewer people believe in the...
SADC – the southern arrested development community? : enduring challenges to peace and security in Southern Africa
Book; book; text, Created By Nordic Africa Institute Created By Aeby, Michael and Published By University of Cape Town, Institute for Democracy, Citizenship and Public Policy in Africa (IDCPPA), Cape Town, South Africa; Uppsala published in 2019
Southern Africa is likely to experience more social unrest in the foreseeable future. That is one of the conclusions in this policy dialogue, which provides an overview of political and economic developments relevant to regional peace and security in Southern Africa. While the region continues to experience isolated armed conflicts, and while developmental backlogs present a major risk to regional stability in the long run, currently the most acute source of instability stems from governance deficits, which in the past decade have prompted crises in many of...
The Sahel crisis and the need for international support
Book; book; text, Created By Nordic Africa Institute Created By Bøås, Morten and Published By Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI), Oslo, Norway; Uppsala published in 2019
The crisis in the Sahel is serious and multidimensional, and if it continues unabated it could have consequences far beyond the region. As the states of the region are too poor and weak to deal with this on their own, international support is needed. It is therefore a positive sign that the region of Sahel is higher on the international agenda than it has ever been. The challenge, however, is that current international approaches and interventions in the Sahel are more in line with short-term external priorities, such as stopping irregul...
From Aswan to Stiegler’s Gorge : small stories about large dams
Collection (editor); book; text, Created By Oestigaard, Terje; Beyene, Atakilte; Ögmundardóttir, Helga; Nordic Africa Institute and Published By Uppsala published in 2019
Dams, irrigation systems and hydropolitics are back on the geopolitical agenda. In recent years, we have seen an accelerating interest in large-scale water infrastructures, such as multipurpose dams and irrigation schemes, in the Nile Region and adjacent catchment areas. Governments in these regions are struggling to increase food security and to provide more energy in the face of industrialisation, climate change and rapid urban growth. The tension between countries over access to water will probably rise, as spells of drought increase in length and intensity. ...