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China's Foreign Policy Shift in Africa: From Non-Interference to Preponderance
Journal article, Created By Okoloa, Abutu Lawrence and Published By Taylor & Francis in English language
The penetration of Beijing into the African continent is radically changing the economic landscape of the region. The non-interference policy states that China does not meddle in the internal affairs of other nations and this is a core part of the five principles of peaceful coexistence; others include mutual respect for a nation's sovereignty and territorial integrity, mutual non-aggression, equality based on mutual benefit and peaceful coexistence. Furthermore, there has been no corresponding change in Beijing's foreign policy in terms of ambitions, alliances an...
Chinese and Japanese development co-operation: South-South, North-South, or what?
Journal article, Created By Raposo, Pedro Amakasu and Published By Taylor & Francis Group in English language
This article compares the evolution and characteristics of Chinese and Japanese aid, assessing the impact of their aid policies in sub-Saharan Africa from the 1950s to the present. It argues that China and Japan?s aid programmes share more similarities than dissimilarities. Both pursue aid strategies that spread allocations across a region rather than concentrating upon specific countries. The article seeks to clarify the following questions. In what way are Chinese and Japanese aid strategies different from each other and Western donors? Should their aid be see...
China's New Role in Africa
Book/Monograph, Created By Taylor, Ian and Published By Lynne Rienner Publishers in English language
Increased Chinese and American defence involvement in Africa
Journal article, Created By Firsing, Scott and Published By Taylor & Francis in English language
There is often a perception put forth of a fight for supremacy between China and the USA. This is often the case when discussing the continent of Africa. Both countries have recently increased their involvement in Africa for a variety of reasons. In 2011, China surpassed the USA as Africa's largest trading partner, with Africa predicted to be Beijing's largest trading partner by 2017. As expected, their bilateral and multilateral defence cooperation with strategic countries and organisations has matured and expanded along with it. Washington's own&#x...
Sino-African Relations: Some Solutions and Strategies to the Policy Syndromes
Journal article, Created By Asongu, Simplice and Published By Taylor & Francis Group in English language
We survey about 110 recently published studies on Sino-African relations, and put some structure on the documented issues before suggesting some solutions and strategies to the identified policy syndromes. The documented issues are classified into the following eight main strands: China targeting nations with abundant natural resources, focusing on countries with bad governance, not hiring local workers; outbidding other countries by flouting environmental and social standards; importing workers that do not integrate into domestic society and living in extremely simple conditions, ...