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Africa's Development Thinking since Independence: A Reader
Book/Monograph, Created By Africa Institute of South Africa (AI) and Published By Africa Institute of South Africa (AI) in English language
The publication of the second edition of this reader was motivated by a number of factors. First is the fact that, since the publication of the first edition, many developments have taken place in Africa, which are aimed not only at encouraging the compliance of member states of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) (which has now been transformed into the African Union) with their treaties, protocols, and summit decisions; there has also been a significant effort towards developing common standards and values for democratic governance on the&#...
Future Africa: Prospects for Democracy and Development under NEPAD
Book/Monograph, Created By Rukato, Hesphina and Published By Africa World Press in English language
2009 marked the 8th anniversary of the adoption of NEPAD as a socio-economic programme of the African Union, whose priority is poverty eradication and regional integration, and as envisioned in the Constitutive Act of the African Union. Amongst many strategies, regional integration is to be attained through the implementation of specific sectoral programmes, particularly in the area of infrastructure development, as well as intra-Africa trade. Regional economic communities (RECs) were designated as regional pillars for delivering on NEPAD objectives. In addition, capacity buil...
Is there a link between democracy and development in Africa?
Journal article, Created By Sikuka, Kizito and Published By ACCORD in English language
The nexus between democracy and development in Africa has been one of the most contested issues in recent years. Those in support of the linkage argue that the two - democracy and development - are intertwined and depend on or lead to the other. However, opposing views claim that the two concepts are independent of each other, and can easily be achieved without necessarily depending or leading to the other. Drawing insights from various African countries, this article critically examines whether there is a link between democracy and development&#x...