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A shift in Western development agency thinking? The case for second best
Journal article, Created By Bekker, Simon and Published By Taylor & Francis Group in English language
This review essay illustrates a turn in Western development agency thinking in two recent publications intended for development agencies and African "reformers," by authors with long careers in Western development institutions. Both publications explicitly reject - at least for the short to medium term - a comprehensive "good governance" approach to development. Subsequently, a publication entitled Violence and Social Orders, authored by three American scholars with an interest in the role of institutions in historical change, is reviewed since it is a cruc...
Philosophy and development on the problematic of African development: a diachronic analysis
Journal article, Created By Keita, Lansana and Published By CODESRIA in English language
The idea of development is generally seen as central to any discussion of the economic, cultural, and political sociologies of the world's nations. Nations of the West are seen as 'developed' and members of the 'First World', while those of Africa, Latin, America and some of those of Asia are seen as 'developing' and belonging to the 'Third World'. I propose to examine the meaning and application of the term 'development' with respect to Africa, then discuss whether Africa was ever developed - recognizing that the ...
Urbanisation, Education and the Growth Backlog of Africa
Journal article, Created By Kayaoglu, Aysegul and Published By Oxford University Press (OUP) in English language
Human capital accumulation and urbanisation play a decisive role in the analysis of growth and development. Stylised facts reveal a positive association between human capital accumulation, urbanisation and growth for both over time and across countries. While Africa has the fastest increasing human capital accumulation and urbanisation growth, it is the region experiencing the slowest economic growth. This paper argues that the adjustment costs resulting from rapid urbanisation can explain this paradox. In other words, low or negative social return to education in the...